DIY Burlap Fall Wreath

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they just want to move away from the bare walls and “single person” bare décor in their home. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a house, apartment or even a tent, you will eventually get there if you haven’t already. For a lot of families, they will coordinate their décor with the seasons. Want to know why? Because it’s so easy to do and most of the seasonal home decor items you can make (or purchase if you absolutely must) are amazingly beautiful! Take this DIY burlap fall wreath for instance. It’s easier to make than you might think and looks amazing by itself or alongside of any of your other fall home décor ideas. Burlap has become more popular the past few fall seasons and this wreath is an east way to work it into your décor.

Fall is coming! If you're looking for an AMAZING fall home decor piece? This is it! This DIY Burlap Fall Wreath is easy to do and absolutely beautiful!


This burlap fall wreath really is amazingly easy to make and if you’ve never made one before, you’ll ask yourself why. Do you think that wreaths are too hard to make? Do you think that they are too expensive to make? Trust me on this one! Your fall home decor will only be enhanced when you give this one a shot. I promise!

Fall Home Decor – DIY Burlap Fall Wreath

The base for this burlap fall wreath is made with a Styrofoam wreath and it is so customizable that you can choose any size that you would like.The one shown in the photos is a 24” size and is perfect for your front door if you’re decorating the outside of your home with a fall home decor theme. If you’re looking for something to decorate the interior of your home, you may want to choose a smaller one depending on where you’re going to hang it. When you choose your additions, choose autumn colored silk leaves, butterflies or whatever strikes your fancy. You don’t have to choose the exact coloring and leaves that we did. You’re the one making it so make it your own. The burlap gives a really nice, natural feel to the wreath so keep that in mind when choosing what you will add to it.





You will need:


To start,  I made a “bird’s nest”  out of grapevine from another wreath. In case you’d like to do the same, just take a few long pieces out of a dismantled larger wreath, and form them into a small circle shape, then use some wrapped wire to keep it tightened in three or four places around the wreath. You can add these birds nests to different crafts or a flower pot for a nice addition! Once that is done, heat your glue gun so that it’s all ready to go when you need it then prepare your silk flowers by removing the lower set of leaves and setting them aside. We will use them later to camouflage wires and things on your burlap fall wreath.


Starting with the styrofoam base, wrap the burlap around at an angle making sure you’ve pulled it tightly as you go. It can be tricky to start, but make sure you get it pulled tight at that angle or it won’t lay right later on.  To hold the pieces in place, use the small nails like shown in the photo above. Once you’ve got the burlap pulled tight and laying the way you want it to, add a few drops of hot glue to the end to hold it in place.  Finish wrapping the whole wreath and once it’s nicely covered, trim off the excess burlap and save for the swag at the end. Pin the your ends of the burlap Make sure that you pin them on the side you want to be the back side so no one sees that part. Add a few drops of hot glue to secure.


If you are adding the bird’s nest piece like I did, make sure that it is the first piece that you add to the front. It works best nestled into the bottom curve of your wreath. Either side will work. Secure it in place with a piece of floral wire that you’ve shaped into a “U” shape. Work it down through the grapevine and into the styrofoam part of the wreath until it is secure. You can also add some hot glue underneath in a few places where it’s touching the wreath if you’d like. Mine has a gap behind it and some between it, but you shouldn’t worry too much about that since we will be filling that in later with moss and greenery.



Now, start placing your flowers on the wreath to figure out where you want them keeping in mind that you always want an odd number in any arranged section. It balances better for the viewers eye. If there is an even number, you eye keeps going back and forth between them. Place darker colors in the deeper center parts to draw the eye in and then balance a few between the other colors that you have. Keep smaller bud type pieces on the ends for balance as well.


Once you have the flowers figured out, start adding them to your burlap fall wreath. Cut them down as needed then stick the stems right into the wreath. You may have to work it into the burlap, but doing it this way will help to keep them in place better than only gluing them on. Finally, add a small dab of hot glue on the underside of each flower to help secure them a bit better.


When you are placing your flowers, make sure that you don’t layer them all at the same level. You want them to be at different depths since that is how they are in nature. Doing it this way will draw the eye in even more than it was.


Also, as you are working, use the leaves that were extras to camouflage wires and stems where needed. Under the edges of the nest, on the sides and to help fill in between the flowers you are arranging. Poke their base right into the foam and then add a drop of hot glue to help keep them in place. In the center of the nest, add a few leaves and some of the moss. Put a few drops of glue underneath it to make it stay in place then on the bottom of each leaf to help them stay in place as well.


Now, add on your butterfly or bird. If using a bird, you may want it actually in the nest, but try to make it partially stick out so it’s a focal point. The butterfly can be perched on a flower or anywhere you feel is a good focal spot and that helps bring it all together.


Now, you are going to make a swag to help fill in and finish off any areas between the flowers. Take your extra burlap and get a nice end piece about 3 inches long. Pinch it and twist a piece of wire around it to hold it together tightly.


Using the ends of the twisted wire, poke the wire into the Styrofoam on the back side of the wreath near the top or top curve of wreath and tuck it in, adding a drop of glue once you’re sure it’s in the correct spot. Then take the rest of the burlap and weave it through the flowers, making a ribbon-like design with it.


Use the floral wire to tack it on in a few places where you need it to be flatter and then secure with a drop of glue. Either use the whole piece if it’s not too much, or cut it off and tack down the loose end on the back or side to finish it off neatly. If you are using the grapevine add some nice curved pieces into the foam at the top and bottom both, working them into your arrangement.

At this point, the only thing left to do is to make sure every piece is secured and solid on the wreath. It can be easy to miss, but it’s important to check. If you do miss one, it will fall when you go to hang your wreath. When hanging the wreath, your hook should go directly into the Styrofoam easily, but if it’s too thick, just cut a small hole in the burlap and poke a little hold in the foam if need to help it along.

See? How easy was that? Your fall home decor has never looked so good!

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