DIY Bedwetting Relief Cream

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Bedwetting is one of those huge problems that no one talks about. For some kids, it’s lack of correct potty training. For others it is a health issue and for some, its caused by a psychological issue. My Emma had the issue until she was five or so. For me, I tried everything that I could at the time. From homeopathic tablets to bed mats with alarms that were supposed to wake her up. Her wetting issue wasn’t caused by a health issue, potty training or psychological issue. For her, she simply slept so deep that her little body didn’t recognize the signs of “I’ve gotta pee!” Finally, as a last ditch effort, I began looking at different essential oils for bedwetting. It was then that I stumbled upon this DIY bedwetting relief cream. It worked so well that she had stopped wetting the bed within weeks of when I started using it and hasn’t had an accident since! We use it together with my DIY Lavender sleep balm and she sleeps like a baby with no issues now! Of everything that I tried, this truly is one of my favorite home remedies for bedwetting!

Looking for home remedies for bedwetting? This DIY Bedwetting cream is made with the perfect blend of essential oils for bedwetting to help them stay dry! Works as a calming balm too to make sure they have an awesome night sleep!

Bedwetting, for the parents, is mostly a painless issue. Sure, it can cause stress, money issues from having to buy overnight trainers and mattress pads, and extra household work cleaning up any messes, but it is mostly only a hassle. For the kids however, it is an embarrassing habit that they often feel shameful about. This DIY bedwetting cream can help them feel better since they won’t be wetting anymore. Using the essential oils for bedwetting that are in this cream only helps to create a product that your kids will love and that works every night without fail.

Essential Oils for Bedwetting – DIY Bedwetting Relief Cream

The juniper berry oil in this helps to tone the bladder and is great urinary system support as well as a calming oil that helps you get a good deep sleep. Cypress essential oil takes care of any incontinence and excessive fluid retention issues (i.e. bedwetting). The Roman Chamomile essential oil helps to calm and induce sleep which makes it perfect in this since it will help end the bedtime fight and the Lemongrass essential oil calms as well as helping to remove nasties from the urinary tract while helping to prevent urinary tract infections (UTI).  In short? This bedwetting balm is one of the best home remedies for bedwetting that you’ll find.


You will need:


For this cream, you can use either beeswax pastilles or a block of beeswax. You will need to weigh how much you’re using so having a food scale on hand can be incredibly helpful. If you don’t have jojoba oil, you can also use sweet almond oil. Either one will work. Also, we have done the recipe to be very mild so if you make it according to the ingredients list and it isn’t strong enough, simply re-melt it, add a couple more drops of each oil and let it harden again.

Start by removing the lids of your containers and getting them lined up. Beeswax hardens very quickly so by preparing them ahead of time, you’re able to pour and go. It is a rather large pain to have to scoot and move to get things done quickly and keeping the beeswax on the stove can cause it to get too hot which causes it to lose its healing properties. Once you’ve got the containers ready to go, fill a double broiler (or a large pan) about 2/3 of the way with water and sit it on medium heat to warm. Add the beeswax to the top part of your broiler (or a small pan sat down inside the larger one) and slowly start to melt the beeswax.



As the beeswax is melting, be sure to stir it often to help break up any clumps. Once your water is boiling, turn the heat down to low and leave it there. As the beeswax is melting, measure out the coconut and jojoba (or sweet almond) oils. If your coconut oil is too firm, pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds or so to soften it. Once the beeswax is nice and melted, add the coconut oil and whisk until it is fully melted. Once it’s melted, add the jojoba oils and finally, your essential oils.

Finally, fill your containers to just below the rim and let sit in a cool place until they are fully hardened with the lid off. They must be completely cool and hardened before you put the lid on. Otherwise moisture will gather on the lid causing bad juju for your balm. Congrats! You’re done!

To use: Apply to the lower abdomen, bladder area and lower back/kidney area before bed. You can also put it on your temples, wrists and the bottom of feet if you’re dealing with sleep issues. Reapply as needed.


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  1. Will this cream also help adults that have bladder/ incontinence problems not so much for bed wetting? Can it be used during the day?

    • Stacy Barr says:

      Hi Valerie, I’ve never used it for that, but I can’t see where it would hurt. Just be sure to make sure to speak to a doctor in case of any potential interactions with medicines that are being taken.

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