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I have always dreamed of homesteading and now, as an urban homesteader, I'm very quickly working on making my dream come true! That's where these homesteading tips and tricks come in. It is my goal as author of Six Dollar Family, to help would-be homesteaders realize their dreams too! These homesteading tips are lessons and skills I've had to learn in my own life as an urban homesteader. Now, it is my goal to pass them onto you  even if you're just starting out. If you're a seasoned homesteader, you'll find a new way of thinking and may even decide to try a new method, recipe or task!

Homesteading Tips and Advice

Here you'll find all sorts of homesteading tips! You'll see everything from why you should consider homesteading to my list of things to stop buying and make homemade, my DIY beauty recipes, homemade cleaner recipes and more! Each week, I add more tips that I'm positive will help you start (or manage!) you're own homestead too!

DIY Orange Sugar Scrub

I've spent so much money on beauty items in the past and I'm sure most of you have too. In fact, beauty products can be one of the most expensive items out there. When we started removing chemicals from our house, the products used in our bathroom were some of the first ones that … [Read more...]

Oatmeal and Lavender Bath Bombs

One of my favorite things to do after a long and stressful day is to soak in the tub. There's just something about warm water and a good, calming scent to let the stress melt away and relaxation set in. I don't like commercial bath products though. In fact, I actually have an … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Aftershave for Men

Growing up, my Dad used Old Spice or Brut. Ya'll remember Brut? It's still around, but I haven't smelled it in years. I'm sure if I did that I would instantly be transported back to five years old and memories of my Dad. Brut never smelled all that awesome, but then again, my Dad … [Read more...]

DIY Mint Chocolate Chip Body Butter

I love being pampered which means that I adore a bathroom full of smelly good creams and things that make me feel pampered. What I don't love is the high cost that comes with buying those beauty items at the store and I REALLY don't like the chemicals that are involved in them. … [Read more...]

7 Herbs You Can Grow in Your Kitchen

Have you bought spices and seasonings at the grocery store lately? Some of them have gotten really expensive. Unfortunately for many cooks, especially those who are like me, seasonings are a must have when you're cooking dinner. I am a huge fan of Italian food and I'm sure you're … [Read more...]

How to Can Whole Tomatoes

Do you make your own pasta sauce? We do and it tastes so much better than the store bought stuff. In fact, I won't make a pizza at home unless it uses my own sauce. Needless to say, that means we go through a ton of tomatoes. Between the sauces alone, we would spend several … [Read more...]

Homemade Fall Potpourri

I absolutely love certain scents. There's nothing quite like the scents of fall either. Cinnamon, clove and more all mesh together to create a scent mix that we're all familiar with and that screams changing leaf colors and bonfires to most of us. What I don't love though are … [Read more...]

Cloth Pads?? Why I Started Using Cloth Pads (and Why You Should Give Up Disposables Too!)

Okay ladies, let's talk. Yes, we're going to talk about *that* subject. No! Not THAT one...the OTHER one. Get your mind outta the gutters! Recently, I made the switch from disposable to cloth pads. I know. That was more TMI about me than you ever needed to know, but this year … [Read more...]

Simple No Touch Silver Cleaning – How to Clean Your Silver with Simple Household Items!

    Simple No Touch Silver Cleaning - How to Clean Your Silver with Simple Household Items!   So I love silver. I love how it looks sitting in my kitchen curio, but yes, I'm cheap so I refuse to ever pay for it new. As a result, I end up with a lot of silver … [Read more...]