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I have spent the majority of my life overweight and the older I got, the worse my weight got. By the time I was 35, I had topped the scales at more than 300 lb and was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. A lot of things contributed to it. Lack of exercise since I was sitting 90% of my day, a bad diet, stress, PCOS and more. I had developed diabetes. My body hurt from trying to carry so much weight.  Simply put, I was unhealthy. It was June 2017 when I made a bunch of changes in my life; including working on the weight I desperately needed to lose. I had been seeing Beachbody on Demand ads so out of curiosity, I began looking at Beachbody on Demand reviews. I am so glad I did.

Beachbody on Demand Review - Have you been considering Beachbody on Demand to help with your weight loss? I signed up and did the work for you! Check out my Beachbody on Demand review, see my results and decide if Beachbody is worth it for you with one simple click!


I can be pretty skeptical when it comes to reviews of anything. When I first started reading the Beachbody on Demand reviews, I did so with a skeptical eye. I hate feeling like I got taken advantage of so before I signed up for my Beachbody on Demand membership, I wanted to see actual Beachbody on Demand results. Even though there is a free 14-day trial of Beachbody on Demand when you sign up, I still didn’t want to even bother if it wasn’t worth it.


Beachbody On Demand Review


Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to sign up for a Beachbody on Demand membership and the free trial that came with it. I wish I could tell you I jumped right in, but heh – I can be pretty lazy sometimes. In fact, my free trial was almost over before I ever did my first workout. I did eventually get off my rear and log in, I was pleasantly surprised.

The amount of workout options you receive with your Beachbody on Demand membership is crazy. From yoga and tai chi to P90X and Country Heat, there is quite literally something for everyone. If you’re a hardcore athlete, you can work out. If you’re a recovering couch potato, you can work out. If you want your kids to exercise with you, they can with the family section. It really seemed to me that Beachbody has everyone covered and being the mom of two teens who like to laze about, I really liked that.


Is Beachbody on Demand Legit


While Beachbody on Demand does offer meal plans and other options aside from the workout videos, I did not personally use them. I am diabetic and needed to continue to follow a diabetic diet instead of a general menu that someone put together. I did, however, take a look at a few of them and for folks who don’t have an issue such as diabetes, they seem well put together and as if they would be easy to follow.



My weight these days is an actual mystery. Somewhere around July of 2018, I stopped watching the scales. What I can tell you is that in May 2017, I was in a size 26 women’s jeans and rapidly heading toward a size 28. As I said earlier, I was over 300 lbs and it wasn’t showing signs of stopping. One year later and with the help of the Beachbody on Demand workouts, I was down to 267 lbs and wearing a size 20 jeans.

By this point, I was no longer asking “is Beachbody worth it” because I was seeing amazing results from Beachbody myself.  In fact, I was seeing better results with Beachbody than I ever had anything else. By December 2018, I was down to a size 16 jeans and a size large shirt. For someone that once wore a 26/28 and 3/4x shirt, these results are absolutely huge!


Are Beachbody Workouts Worth It



One of the reasons I decided to write this post is that I know I can not be the only person wondering if Beachbody is worth it. None of us want to spend money on something that does not work.  With a new year upon us and new goals to be healthier, we have the choice now to continue asking those “is Beachbody legit” questions or we can choose to take the plunge and do something about it.

It has been well over a year now and I am still just as impressed with the results I am getting from Beachbody on Demand. When I signed up for my Beachbody on Demand membership, I chose the 6-month billing plan. It bills once every 6 months for $59.00. That comes out to just $9.83 per month and in my opinion – is a cost well worth it. They do have other memberships available including a 3-month for $39.00. Honestly, I was spending far more than that in medications and larger clothing just to live the unhealthy lifestyle I was living before.


What You Receive when You Sign Up for Beachbody on Demand



When you sign up for a Beachbody on Demand membership, you not only get access to all the workouts I mentioned earlier, but you will also have access to menu plans and recipes, guides, exercise calendars and more. There is no obligation to buy Shakeology shakes and in fact, that is an entirely separate membership. I have not tried them so I can’t comment on them.

The Beachbody on Demand membership offers a free 14-day trial of the 3-month subscription and all other membership options offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’ve been wanting to get into better shape, I can’t recommend it any higher. I’ve seen the results. Now it is your turn to see them too!


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