8 Smart Tips for Getting Better Deals Online

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Alright. You caught me. I shop online a lot. In fact? I would much rather shop online sometimes than head into a store. It isn’t that I don’t like shopping. I do. It’s more that I can usually find a deal that is just as good, if not better online. In truth, I buy a lot online. Things like groceries, household items, pet items and of course, the typical things like clothing and electronics. Like I said, I can usually find a deal that is as good online or even better so why would I shop in store where I stand the chance of spending more money than I plan to? Getting a deal online can take some work. If you need help in that area, my tips for getting better deals online might be just what you need to start saving big. In 2015, our family started making over 30 items ourselves instead of buying, but let’s face it. You can’t make everything. What we can’t make? We buy.

Shopping online? STOP! Don't buy a single thing until you check out this post! These 8 smart tips for getting better deals online will help you save BIG!


If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of buying groceries and other things online, you’ll need to get over that and really quickly. You could be costing yourself extra money buy not checking online for the best deal. In store sale ads can sometimes make it seem like you are getting a great deal when in reality, you’re not. Because of that, a lot of the time an online deal is actually the better buy. Some of these you might already be doing. If that’s so, great! You’re well on your way to saving big! If you’re new to saving, that’s okay too! Obviously you’re reading this post because you want to learn how to save money so you’ve already taken the first step. Learning how to save money is easier than it sounds and once you get the ball rolling, it really does tend to snowball from there.

8 Smart Tips for Getting Better Deals Online

Saving online can seem hard. It’s very easy just to click the buy button and check out without getting a good deal. It really isn’t though. You do have to be determined to save money and to spend less. If you’re not determined to find the best deal, you won’t. It’s as simple as that. You have to want to save to save. Using these tips can help you do just that.

Shop multiple sites – If you’re like most people, you have a habit of getting comfortable shopping on only one site. Doing this can be a very bad thing for your wallet. Instead, search for deals on the items you need on multiple sites that you’re comfortable shopping on. For me, that means Amazon, Walmart, and Target for most household deals as well as a handful of others for other types of deals. You’ll want to watch where you get the best deal on each type of product that you buy though. That way if you have to buy without an actual sale, you’ll know where to get the best price at.

Get cashback where you can – Getting cash back for shopping is not only a nice perk, but it’s also necessary for getting the best deal sometimes. Keep in mind that usually you can only get cash back on bigger purchases, but it never hurts to try. One thing though, make sure that you’re using a reputable cash back shopping site instead of some new one that you know nothing about. That way, you won’t get scammed out of your cash back. 

Earn free gift cards – A very big way to save when you’re shopping online is to earn free gift cards to shop with. This is my favorite method because hey, who doesn’t love shopping for free?! I have a very easy system that I use to earn at least $225.00 each month online. A lot of this I turn into gift cards to use either for groceries and household items or for bigger purchases that I want to save money on.

Figure unit price – This one holds true in store and online as well. When you’re buying things that come in multiples, toilet paper for example, you’ll want to figure out the unit price to see if you’re really getting a deal. This isn’t hard to do at all. You’ll take the price of the item and divide it by the number of items in the package to get the items unit price. So if you have a 24 count double roll package of toilet paper that is priced at $9.99, your cost would be $0.416 per roll or $0.42 rounded up. If you want to take it one step further, you could figure out the cost per single roll which is this case would be $0.21 rounded up. Knowing your unit price and having a point where you won’t pay above is the key to getting a deal online…or anywhere for that matter.

Stack gift cards where you can – If you can find a deal where you earn a gift card or rebate on top of your purchase, you’ll save even more. Target especially is a great place to do this at. A lot of the time, they’ll have deals where you’ll get a free $5 or $10 gift card back when you buy so many of an item. While these items don’t save you on the initial purchase, they do on the ones after that. The last time that I bought toilet paper, I rolled gift card after gift card at Target over 5 times. In the end, I ended up paying only $0.05 per roll even though in the beginning I was paying more per transaction because in addition to the Target gift card promo, I stacked the deal with free gift cards I had earned online.

Buy More for Cheap While You Can – As I just mentioned, I rolled that Target gift card promotion over 5 times. Know what I bought each time? Two packages of Charmin. Yes, in the end, I ended up with over 500 double rolls of toilet paper, but you know what? I got them for a nickle per roll and I haven’t had to buy toilet paper in a very, very long time. How does that save me money? Because I’m not out there paying full price when there isn’t a good deal.

Don’t forget online consignment sites –  Another big way to save online is one that a lot of people either forget about or just don’t know about. Either way, you could be spending a ton more money on things like clothing than you need to be. The internet is full of online consignment stores and each one of them can help save you money. My three favorites are ThredUp, Schoola and Swap. Each one saves me money on clothing, shoes, books and more. Yes, the items are used, but all three have very strict requirements on what they sell so you can bet you’ll always be getting good quality items.

Know when to walk away – Above all, the one thing you have to know (and realize) about shopping online is this. When the deal isn’t right, when the price is higher than you want to pay, when things just aren’t lining up? Walk away. There will always be another deal and unless you’ve waited until your last roll of tp is in the bathroom to purchase? You won’t run out of the things you need waiting. If you can wait to buy it, you’ll save money over buying it now when there isn’t a deal happening. It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t get the deal today.


Finally, and yes, I know this could technically be a 9th way but if all of the above fail, find a deal blogger and search their site. As many of your know, this blog started out as a deal blog waaaayyyy back when and I can tell you that for the majority of them, if you ask them for a deal, they will go out of their way to find one for you.



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