5 Ways to Save Money on Prescriptions

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One of the biggest expenses plaguing American families are prescription medicines. With raising kids and being an adult, there is no way around needing prescriptions from time to time. While I might favor natural remedies, there does come a time when you must visit a doctor. I  am super thankful we live in a modern world where we have easy access to medicine. However, on the flip side, paying for the medicine can be a little tough on your personal budget; especially if you’re already living paycheck to paycheck. If that’s you, you’ll want to do everything you can to save money on prescriptions when you’re sick. After all, no one wants to worry about money while they’re sick.

Ask for the generic version Most pharmacies will let you know if there is a generic form of the medication you’re looking for. If the price of your prescription medicines seems high, always ask for an off-brand version. I have done this several times and it has always been a money saver.

Prescriptions are so expensive! These 5 ways to save money on prescriptions can help! Cut your costs and stay healthy at the same time!


Check for over the counter versions Something that your doctor prescribes you may be available over the counter. Tell your doctor that you are concerned of the price of the medicine and see if there is an equivalent available for over the counter purchase. If not, maybe there is something like what he/she would prescribe you, but not as strong. It never hurts to ask! Talk to your doctor I know talking to my doctor has always helped me save money on prescriptions. In fact, sometimes they have samples in the back to tide me over. It never hurts to ask! Most doctors want to see their patients succeed, which includes having access to necessary medications.

Look for prescription saving options There are prescription saving options out there, you just need find them. Contacting the company for a coupon or even searching the Internet for a savings option are both great things to do. It never hurts to try different ways to save money, especially when it comes to prescription medicines.

Check out SearchRX  One resource that I decided to check out and use for myself is SearchRx.com. This is an app that is pure genius to help you save money on prescription medicines. Most of the time, when you fill a prescription, you don’t find the price until after. Not to mention, most pharmacies have different prices on their medications. SearchRx is changing the way you save money on your medicine. SearchRx makes Rx pricing transparent by showing prices at all local pharmacies with the discounted price clearly displayed. By using their codes, you can save up to 75% on almost every FDA approved medication. This discount is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies including CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens and more. There are no restrictions and no fees. How awesome is that? You wouldn’t have to use any other method of saving if you used these tips!

Need a way to check prescriptions on the go? SearchRX has you covered with the SearchRX app! Available for free on both Android and iPhone, you can download the app on Google Play or from Apple Itunes.

I would love to hear your tips for saving money on prescription medicines!


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  1. I save 33% on prescriptions using mail order. My copay for a 1 month supply is $25 locally, while a 3 month supply is $50 by mail, so I’m essentially getting 4 months for free each year! I also use a prescription savings card from the manufacturer, which helps me save even more.

  2. Mel @ brokeGIRLrich says

    SearchRX sounds really awesome. The last time I went to the doctor’s, I get hit with nearly $90 between the prescription fees and the over the counter medicine he prescribed. It was pretty rough.

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