5 Ways to Make Chores Easier for Your Kids

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If your kids are like mine are, they will often find ways to try and get out of their chores. One of the most common excuses that they will use is that the chores are too hard. While that may be the case sometimes, it often is nothing more than an excuse. For those moments that are too hard though, this 5 ways to make chores easier for your kids are sure to help. 

Having a hard time getting your kids to complete their chores? These 5 ways to make kids chores easier are sure to help!

Make sure they’re age appropriate – 

You wouldn’t ask your three-year-old to mow the lawn, would you? Of course not but unfortunately this is often the case with a lot of families. While your child might be old enough to physically complete a chore, they may not be old know how to do so. Make certain that before you assign a chore that your kids are old enough and have the knowledge to complete it. You’ll save both you and Junior a lot of heartache by doing so. 

Make sure they have the tools needed to complete the job – 

If your kids don’t have the appropriate tools to complete their chore, there will be fights and tears as they try to. You can ease these tears by making sure that your kids have the tools that they need. This can be anything from a bottle of vinegar to the proper trash bag. For instance, my Emma used to hate taking out the trash. Each time she did so, it seemed that the bags would rip on her leaving behind a rather large and stinky mess. 

To combat this problem, we recently made the switch to the new Glad KitchenPro trash bags. While these new bags are still kitchen trash bags, they have the added capacity and strength that a black trash bag has. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that black trash bags, usually found in 30 or 33-gallon sizes, are much more durable than white 13-gallon bags.

With the new Glad KitchenPro bags, we get the benefits of both in one bag! Since each bag offers double bag protection, it means that the bag has added leak protection over the other bags we were using. Even better is that each bag offers 5 day odor control with Febreze odor neutralization which means no more stinky garage for us! Our trash bin sits in the garage due to a racoon issue and with other bags, it can get quite ripe smelling in there. 

It may seem like a small change, but the new bags have ended the trash bag fights and messes meaning that her evening chore is a whole lot easier on the entire family. 

Give them an incentive – 

Kids live in the now which means that if they can instantly see the fruits of their labor, they will be much more likely to want to complete the same chore or action the next time. Offer them a small reward to get them used to the idea of completing chores. Reward ideas such as a small treat or trinket that they’ve been wanting are usually big winners. 

Be certain you don’t overwhelm them – 

The single biggest issue we’ve had with our daughter is that she gets overwhelmed very easily and when that happens, she wants to quit. This is the reason that it would be a complete meltdown every time the trash bag would leak or break and why switching to Glad KitchenPro bags was such a sanity saver. Make certain that you’re not overwhelming them with their chore list. If you do, they will end up stressed out and may not complete anything on their list. 

Allow plenty of time for them to complete – 

How would you feel if someone gave you a task to complete but only gave you say..37 minutes to complete it? Very likely you’d be stressed out and not want to do the job. You may even not do the job correctly meaning you would have to take even more time to correct those mistakes. This is what happens when you don’t give your children enough time to complete their chores. Time allowed should depend on the age of your kids and yes, a 5 year old should be given more time to complete something than a 15 year old. 

The next time you do your chore list, keep these 5 ways to make chores easier for your kids in mind. Oh and if you too are having trash bag issues that cause an issue? Be sure to check out the new Glad KitchenPro bags that are available at Target. I’m positive you’ll love them the same way that we do!

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