5 Simple Ways to Care for Your Cat

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I don’t know about you, but for our family, our pets are very much a part of the family. They’re like an extension of our immediate family and as such, I want to make certain that they receive the best care I can possibly give them. With our dogs, they’re simple to care for. Dogs are happy animals and as long as they’re kept healthy, fed and loved, they’re usually good to go. Our cat, however, he’s a different story. Cats are well-known to have a serious “cat-itude” problem and sometimes, that can make caring for them and knowing what they need out of life hard to determine.

Your cat is part of your family! Make sure you give them the best care you can with these simple ways to care for your cat! #ad #MeowMix

Whether you’re caring for your first cat or you’ve cared for them your whole life, you’ll want to make sure that you’re giving him the best care that you possibly can. These simple ways to care for your cat are a great place to start but they’re by far the end all be all. Your kitty may need extra care or cared for in other ways, but keeping these in mind will help you to ensure that your feline friend is happy and healthy to start.  

Care for your cat by feeding them well – Your cat has different dietary needs than your other animals which means they need an amazing food to keep them well fed and healthy. For us, that means feeding Squeakers, Meow Mix. Meow Mix has just the right mix of poultry and seafood flavors that he loves to chow down on and I love how happy it makes him. His little belly stays full and that means this cat mom is a happy cat mom.

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Care for your cat by keeping them clean and well groomed – Squeakers has long hair which means that like all kitties, hairballs are a concern. For us, feeding Meow Mix Hairball control is the answer! He loves the taste and I love how it helps keep his belly happy and hairball free. Less mess for me to clean up that way. Plus, with the 10% off Meow Mix Dry Food Cartwheel offer, I can stock up cheaper than ever! To help keep your kitty even happier, you’ll want to make sure they stay well groomed. This means taking a grooming mitt and combing out their hair every so often, making sure they stay flea and tick free and any other grooming issues they may need. Cats don’t need to be groomed as often as dogs, but you’ll still want to make sure you take care of it every so often.

Care for your cat by Keeping them healthy – A sick kitty is a sad kitty which means that keeping your cats healthy is super important. You’ll need to make sure they receive any immunizations on time to help keep them from cat-prone illnesses such as feline leukemia. Keeping them healthy will also require regular visits to the vet to make sure that there isn’t anything lurking about that may make them sick. Don’t forget about the health of your cat’s teeth as well. Using a product such as Meow Mix Brushing Bites can help. They’re packed with chicken flavor and specially designed to help remove plaque and tarter from your cat’s teeth. It’s a super simple way to help keep your cat’s teeth healthy and clean!

Care for your cat by making them comfortable –  As I said earlier, cats can get a certain attitude about themselves and never more so than when they’re uncomfortable. Why they might be uncomfortable will depend on your cat and your personal environment but it could be anything from a new addition to the pet family they don’t like to a certain smell or irritant in the air. I am not by any means saying to move mountains to make your cat comfortable. However, if you see that they are having a rough go at it, a little investigation to discover why and fix an issue, never hurt anyone.

Care for your cats by keeping them entertained –  Cats get bored easily which means you’ll need to keep them entertained as much as possible. Not only do they get bored from lazing around all the time, but they can also get bored in their daily activities such as eating. When you feed a variety of great foods, such as Meow Mix wet cat food, Meow Mix dry cat food and Meow Mix cat treats, you give your cat the chance to switch things up to keep cat boredom and “cat-itudes” away!    

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