4 Steps to Simplifying Your Taxes

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Let’s be real; none of us like tax season. After all, who likes filling out a bunch of forms so you can possibly be told you have a bill to pay? As a teen, I would fill out my Dad’s tax forms for him. It was easy then, he filed the super simple 1040EZ for many years, but once he graduated from that point in his life to much more complicated forms, it became something that I was no longer comfortable handling myself.

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My own taxes, like yours I’m sure, started out the same way. Simple and easy and slowly graduating to the more complicated. As a young adult with no dependents, I could file my taxes with a 1040EZ form. Then it moved to a 1040 A then a form 1040 with everything I file now including a Schedule C. Talk about confusing, right? Most don’t know the difference between a form 1040EZ and a form 1040 which can lead to serious confusion and complicated taxes.

Tips for Simplifying Taxes

These days, complicated taxes make my head hurt and I’m sure you’re not much different. For the most part, humans tend to overcomplicate things in our lives and our taxes are no different. We toss receipts into shoeboxes, we wait until the last minute and worst of all, we miss deductions that could possibly save us money. I know that I certainly don’t want to miss out on anything that can save money! When it comes to filing your taxes though, there’s only one sure-fire way to ensure that you’re not and that is to simplify your taxes as much as possible. By simplifying them, you ensure that not only are you winning at your taxes, but you’re keeping as much of your money as possible while avoiding unnecessary stress.

Keep your money –

With H&R Block, there are lots of ways to prepare your taxes that help you keep more of your own money in your pocket. H&R Block knows this so they look for the one that helps you keep the most money possible in your pocket. The H&R Block Free Edition allows you to prepare and file your federal taxes for free with no coupon required. This means that H&R Block is working for you.

Go digital –

When you file your federal taxes for free with H&R Block, you’re doing yourself a favor by going digital. H&R Block makes it easy to upload your W-2, to import prior year returns (even if you used another tax provider previously) and more. Having your digital records not only keeps you organized, but also helps ensure when you file your taxes each year after you’ll have the files you need for reference.

With H&R Block’s tools, you can import your W-2 from a photo on your phone, drag and drop your returns from prior years and more. This makes preparing and filing your taxes for free even easier!

Filing your taxes shouldn't be a complicated event! These 4 tips can help you simplify your taxes to get your biggest refund yet!



Take all your deductions –

Several years ago, I filed my taxes using a different tax service. It wasn’t too long after everything was filed and accepted that I received a letter from the IRS telling me I owed them $3300.00. I’m sure you can imagine my surprise. After all, this tax program I used had “confirmed” everything was correct and I was getting the biggest refund possible. After finding out the assistance service I paid extra for was not going to help and after doing considerable research myself, I discovered not only were my taxes filed incorrectly, but there were several key deductions missing.

Missing a deduction is like leaving your wallet at the gas station. You’re missing the chance to keep your money! Taxes are personal and one-size does not fit all.  With the H&R Block Max Refund Guarantee, you get the maximum refund you’re entitled to so you receive or save the most money possible.


Do it Yourself –

H&R Block makes it easy to prepare and file federal and state taxes online. No matter which H&R Block Online Tax Product you use, you can file your taxes anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This freedom to file your way means it’s easier than ever to do taxes by yourself. From the first steps of using the H&R Block Tax Calculator to the moment you e-file, H&R Block makes it easy to file your taxes online without stress and with the best refund possible.

Filing your taxes shouldn’t be a big scary affair that has you locked in an office for days while you sort through the madness. With H&R Block, there’s no reason for it to be! Prepare and file your taxes online for free in an organized, well-thought our manner and soon, you’ll be breathing a big sigh of relief.


Making sure you get your biggest refund possible is the difference between getting your taxes done and getting your taxes won.

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