101 Things You Can Sell (or Donate) Right Now!

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If you’re like me? You hold onto things until you absolutely can’t find a reason to keep them…and honestly? I can find a lot of reasons. Lately though, I’ve grown sick and tired of the clutter. I used to be so organized and then something…or rather I should say everything exploded. It exploded all over my office, bedroom, kitchen…even the living room! So April 1, I went on a mission of sorts. Mission Declutter. My mission started with these 101 items and I’ll be honest? It’s sort of snowballed from there! You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff I have sitting aside now waiting for the rain to stop so I can have a yard sale!


Are you hanging onto clutter that you shouldn't be? The first step is the hardest when it comes to decluttering! These 101 things you can toss or donate right now are the perfect place to get started!


Letting go of things can be really hard though. I’m honestly not joking when I tell you that at times it felt like I was letting go of my best friend. I mean, I MAY use that item someday. I MAY wear that shirt one day. I MAY need that paper one day. No really. I won’t, I won’t and I won’t, but it hurt to let it go. That’s why I started small. These 101 items you can toss or donate right now is by no means the end all be all. You can ignore what you want or add what you want. That’s the beauty of it! By the way? This is an absolutely excellent way to make some extra cash too! Sell what you can, donate what you can’t and toss the unimportant stuff!

One last suggestion real quick: If you’re getting rid of paperwork that has any personal identifying information on them, be sure to shred them instead of tossing. You can pick up a shredder on Amazon for a lot cheaper than you can clean up identity theft.

  1. Old magazines
  2. Books that are too young for your children
  3. Broken or no longer played with toys
  4. Socks that haven’t got a match
  5. Holey socks
  6. Tax records older than 7 years
  7. Bank statements older than 3 years
  8. Checks to accounts you no longer have
  9. Out of focus or blurry photos (trust me, you won’t miss them if you can’t even tell what or who is in them)
  10. Shoes that don’t fit anyone
  11. Clothing that you haven’t worn in 6 months or longer
  12. Kids artwork – Scan it into your computer to keep it or pick a few pieces from each year and toss the rest
  13. Small kitchen appliances that you no longer use
  14. Puzzles or board games that are missing pieces
  15. Beauty items (lotions, creams, etc) that you don’t use or like
  16. Expired make-up
  17. Scratched pots & pans (scratched or chipped teflon can actually be dangerous to your health)
  18. Expired OTC medications
  19. VHS Tapes (if they’re home movies, transfer them to digital form)
  20. DVD’s and Blu-Ray you no longer watch
  21. Old school books or homeschooling curriculum
  22. Expired Paint
  23. Rusted tools
  24. Fishing Poles if you no longer fish
  25. Broken camping or sports equipment
  26. Knick-knacks you no longer love
  27. Jewelry sets that are missing pieces (i.e. that single earring you’ve been holding onto just in case you find the match)
  28. Christmas cards from 1989
  29. Ponytail holders that aren’t elastic anymore
  30. Food storage bowls without lids
  31. Old jars without lids
  32. The 1,001 screws in that coffee can on the garage shelf
  33. Cookbooks you’ve never even opened (or no longer use)
  34. Ragged towels and washcloths
  35. Crafts supplies you haven’t used in a year
  36. Old, raggedy bras that don’t support
  37. All of those hotel size bottles of shampoo
  38. Bills older than 2 years
  39. The mountain of plastic bags under your sink (if you use them for trash bags, keep a few and get rid of the rest)
  40. Old formal wear that doesn’t fit or isn’t in style any longer
  41. Expired coupons (Send your expired coupons overseas to military instead of tossing them. They can use them up to 6 months after they expire.)
  42. Dried out markers
  43. Dried out nail polishes
  44. Hard paintbrushes
  45. Broken crayons (consider re-melting them to reuse them)
  46. Out of season gear that you never wear
  47. Broken jewelry
  48. Cables and wires that you no longer use
  49. Charging packs to electronics you don’t have
  50. ANY cord that you don’t know where it belongs (if you needed it, you’d be using it by now)
  51. Souvenirs from vacations you no longer treasure
  52. Rugs and bath mats that don’t have their non-slip goodness anymore
  53. Broken electronics (don’t toss them, see if you can trade in your broken electronics for cash instead)
  54. Half filled notebooks
  55. Kitchen tools you have duplicates of
  56. Kitchen tools you’ve never used
  57. Pillows that are flat and can’t be fluffed
  58. Blankets with holes
  59. Any piece of clothing with a stain you can’t remove
  60. Baby blankets (save 1 or 2 and get rid of the rest)
  61. Any instruction manuals to items you no longer own
  62. Cardboard boxes
  63. Junk Mail (get paid to ditch your junk mail)
  64. Vacation planning brochures
  65. Expired cleaning supplies
  66. Dead Batteries
  67. Expired spices
  68. ANYTHING given to you by your Ex
  69. Wall decor you no longer love
  70. Old credit, debit and reward cards you no longer use (cut them up to prevent anyone from trying to use them)
  71. Expired calendars
  72. Old file folders
  73. Broken Holiday decorations
  74. Non-LED Christmas lights
  75. Outdated computer games and software
  76. Old day planners
  77. Handbags and Totes you don’t love anymore
  78. Hand me down you don’t really want anymore (and maybe never did in the first place)
  79. Toothbrushes older than 3 months (keep one or two for cleaning if you must but toss the rest)
  80. Sponges that can’t be washed or sanitized anymore
  81. Newspapers that are outdated
  82. Belts you don’t wear
  83. Scarves you don’t wear
  84. Wire hangers
  85. Broken furniture
  86. Old contact lense cases
  87. Old contact lense solution
  88. Old lightbulbs
  89. Takeout menu’s
  90. Gift cards with no balances left
  91. Those almost empty cans or bottles of air fresheners
  92. Any bottles of carpet deodorizer you have (that stuff is SO bad for your carpet!)
  93. Expired sunscreen
  94. Old bottles of hand sanitizer
  95. Mops older than 6 months (ewwwww do you know the kind of bacteria that thing picks up?)
  96. Brooms that are no longer stiff
  97. Business cards for businesses you don’t plan to do business with
  98. YOUR business cards from businesses you no longer work for
  99. Outdated stationery or address labels (if you’ve moved, changed your name, and so on, you no longer need it)
  100. Outdated or broken baby gear


and finally:

101. Duplicate copies of ANY paperwork you’re keeping (This one is a big one that my Tom had an issue with. I swear that man had 6 copies of every piece of paperwork he had. Shred the duplicates and keep one copy each if you’ll need it. You can always make copies as you go and won’t have the extra paperwork lying around.)

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  1. Theresjustonemommy says:

    Awesome list!
    I have been working on the paper work…. We literally have every bill we ever got. (We’ve been married almost 12 years…so that is a lot!) Time to start pitching!

  2. Comm Wifey says:

    You may want to keep taxes for any years that you bought or sold property. Was given this tip. Thanks!

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