My #1 Tool for Making Budgeting Easier

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Can we be real with each other for a moment? Budgeting is hard. Remembering to keep track of your expenses is hard. Remembering to update your budget is hard. Maybe I’m the oddball, but even though I am always thinking about my finances, it can be hard for me. Hard enough that in the past I have set reminders on my phone to remind me when to update and hard enough that I used keep my expense tracker right with my cash and debit cards so that I don’t forget. Budgeting shouldn’t be hard though. It shouldn’t be a chore. It should be quick and easy to do no matter if you’re sitting in front of your computer or on the go.

Budgeting shouldn't be hard and complicated and your budgeting software shouldn't be expensive and bulky! Let me show you my favorite tool to make budgeting your personal budget easier!

Budgeting over the years has gone through a few – sometimes painful- changes. What started with pen and paper soon moved onto bulky spreadsheets and eventually bulky budgeting tools and software that made it hard to do. Case in point? My best friend uses a very specific budgeting software and has for years. For me, that same software is confusing and has helped me get far off track more than once. At one point, I was determined to use that same software and to say that things ended badly for me would be putting it mildly. Budgets are extremely personal and using a one size fits all service that won’t allow you to personalize it simply won’t work for more families.

Personal Budget – My #1 Tool for Making Budgeting Easier

I won’t lie. I’m a budget software snob. I know what I want and need in a program and because of that, I won’t even attempt to use something that doesn’t meet those wants and needs. My finances are too important for me to lend them to any old software. It took years, but eventually, Dave Ramsey released his free budgeting tool, EveryDollar and once I tried it, I was in Heaven. I have been a huge fan for years so I was well aware that anything that carried his name would be awesome.

As I said, budgets should be easy and EveryDollar makes them easier than any other software I’ve tried. And trust me, I’ve tried a lot of them. Free, paid, pen and paper, spreadsheet, I’ve used them and I’ve disliked them for one reason or another. No matter which software I was using though, I still spent 2 hours or more each month just getting things set up. With EveryDollar though, it takes me 10 minutes (literally)  to set things up each month since the entire process is streamlined. From the first month that I used it, it was that easy.

If you’re not familiar with Dave Ramsey, he believes and teaches that every penny should be accounted in a zero based budget as well as the fact that you should tell your money where to go instead of it telling you where it’s going to go. Both of these principles have transformed my own finances in ways that I can’t explain. The EveryDollar budgeting platform follows this teachings and makes it incredibly easy to know when you are budgeted down to zero dollars left over. How easy?

Easy enough.

Not only that, but EveryDollar makes it incredibly easy to track my budget and my spending.With one glance, I’m able to see exactly where my money is budgeted to go, where it has already went and how much is left. I can’t tell you how easy that makes my life.

For my family, the streamlined process was made even better by the fact that I can update my budget on the go with the free EveryDollar app.  Since EveryDollar can connect to multiple devices, it makes it incredibly easy for the husband and I to sync our spending and to update things so that we don’t go over or have an “oops!” moment. This has helped us to increase our savings, make sure our bills are paid on time and control impulse purchases. No more carrying around that expense tracker for me since I can do that right from the app!

We are downsizing as a family to travel full-time and in case you haven’t seen our launch budget post, buying an RV, truck and everything else that is included is expensive. EveryDollar is helping us to achieve those dreams of traveling by making it easy to manage our money. In fact, I’d say that money management doesn’t get any easier than it does with EveryDollar! Because EveryDollar is built on such simple ideas, it just works. No matter what your financial situation, with EveryDollar you are going to win with money.

While EveryDollar and the EveryDollar apps are 100% free to use each month, users that want a more in-depth experience can sign up for EveryDollar PERKS. With PERKS, you’ll pay a small yearly fee to have access to premium features. These features include being able to create unlimited budgets for the month, syncing your account transactions to make updating your budget easier and viewing your account balances across all devices. They might seem as if they aren’t a big deal, but having these abilities at your fingertips makes managing your money so much easier!

For us, managing our money with EveryDollar is a no-brainer. The platform is simple, we get ahead each month, we’re well on our way to saving for traveling, the apps make it an amazing experience and of course, it’s free! If you are having trouble getting ahead of your money, I highly urge you to sign up for an EveryDollar account and to start budgeting today! For more information, visit the EveryDollar website or download the EveryDollar app.

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  1. Sarah Mitchell says:

    I love this app and Dave Ramsey! Since I am not very good at budgeting just yet, this app is helping me to see where I am spending my money. To me, if I can figure out where my money is going, I can figure out where to cut back and be able to create a more realistic budget that will be easier to follow.

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