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Thank you so much for downloading our Yard Sale Pro e-book! In it, I’ve listed several things that I personally during my own yard sales or after, but since it’s an e-book, I didn’t want to place links that you might not be able to click on. That’s where this page comes in! Below you’ll find all of the resources that I talk about in the book! There aren’t many but you’ll want to check them out for sure!

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Each one will make your yard sale better than it’s ever been before! If you’re worried about spending money before you make it, why not earn a few free gift cards? I personally add $225.00/mo in to my income EVERY month with 1 very simple system. Use my system to “pay” for the items you’ll need for your yard sale!


Before your yard sale

Yard sale sign kit

Cardboard Tent Yard Sale Sign

Brightly Colored Pricing Stickers

Hang Tag Pricing Stickers

Counterfeit Pen

Folding Tables

Portable Clothing Racks

During Your Sale

Locking Cash Box

Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord

After Your Sale

Swap.com online consignment

15 Places to Sell Online that are Not Ebay

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