Why We Got Rid of the Complicated (and decided to live simply)

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This post has been sponsored by Belief Products, however all opinions are my own and are honest. I would never bring you a product that I did not truly believe in. For more info, see my disclosure policy.


A while back, I wrote a post that talked about how all I really wanted was a simple life. Really. I get tired of the hustle and bustles of life, the clutter that surrounds most of us and the chemicals that have made their way into our daily lives. It isn’t so much that I’ve gone “crunchy” (although I don’t necessarily think “crunchy” is a bad thing), it’s more that I just want my family and friends (meaning you guys too!) to be happier and healthier.

Late last year we decided to make a change...to a simpler life and in this post? I'll tell you why and how we did it.


For me, living simpler didn’t just mean getting rid of clutter, although that is an on-going process here, it also meant getting rid of processed foods for real and flavorful foods as well as cutting chemicals in our cleaners and medicine cabinet. Unfortunately, at most stores, that isn’t exactly easy to do, is it? The shelves of Walmart and Walgreens are filled with crazy things that none of us can pronounce. That meant of course that I needed to head to the interwebs!



One of my favorite places to buy my natural cleaners is from Belief Products! Belief Products was founded with a simple mission, to try and prevent plastic waste from choking up our landfills.  We are achieving this by offering a complete line of glass spray bottles that are reusable, and are perfect for mixing your own cleaning products, aromatherapy, food preparation and more!  We also offer a line of natural cleaners which are biodegradable and healthy for the home and environment, without sacrificing performance.  And they smell great!  Once you clean with essential oils, and enjoy the natural aroma, you won’t want to use anything else!  After thousands of bottle sales, we feel we are making a dent in plastic waste that comes from pre-packaged cleaners and other products.



I love that I can buy natural cleaning supplies instead of plastic (because for one, glass bottles last much longer) and that their natural cleaning supplies are right up my alley on what I’m looking for! These products have really gone a long way towards giving us the tools we need to get rid of the chemicals and have made it so much easier to make our own cleaning supplies using essential oils or whatever we might have on hand! They even have their own cleaning mixes that you can order, add water and pop into your bottles!

After the cleaning supplies, we moved onto the clutter. Thankfully, I have a plethora of sites at hand that I use to get rid of things like clothing clutter (but also movies, dvd’s and our mountain of books). Once the clutter was moving on, it became contagious! I swear it was like we were all playing a game of “who can get rid of the most junk!”

Belief Products believes (heh..that was not intentional) in their products so much that they have an EXCLUSIVE offer JUST for Six Dollar Family readers!! I’m super excited about this because once you try their products? You won’t want to go back! They’re offering all Six Dollar Families 20% off with an exclusive coupon code!

Ready to check it out?



With prices that are already super affordable, I promise you won’t go wrong with this. If your family, like ours, is looking to get rid of the complicated to just live simply, take it once step at a time, focus on one area at a time and know that with each step you take, your family and your home will be healthier, happier and calmer.
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This post has been sponsored by Belief Products, however all opinions are my own and are honest. I would never bring you a product that I did not truly believe in. For more info, see my disclosure policy.


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