Why I Use a Daily Planner and Why You Should Too!

Do you use a daily planner? I use THREE and I rely on them so much that I can't imagine life without them!  Learn why I use them and why you should start too!


Okay. I confess. I have a huge addiction. No, it’s not to something bad (this time), I am 100% addicted to planners. I’m actually so addicted that I use THREE. Yes…3. Each one is different in their own way and I love each one equally. The 3 of them combined, help me keep not only my personal life but my business life organized as well. I’m SO scatterbrained…seriously. Ask anyone who knows me. If I didn’t have the system that I do, I’d seriously never get anything done because I’d never remember.

I run a business full time. I also run 2 others on a part time basis. I’m a mom and wife. I do charity work and a few other things. I’m BUSY…and if I’m not careful? It can all come tumbling down like a ton of bricks. Not only that? I can very easily become overwhelmed and stressed if I can’t clearly see what is what. Stressed and overwhelmed Stacy is not a good Stacy. So my planners can often be my saving grace. This is where my daily planner comes into play…actually, all of them.

The first one that I use is nothing but a simple calendar. (THIS is the one I use.) For this, I keep track off all apppointments. This includes Emma’s activities, doctors appointments, and more. I like that the simplicity of it allows me to just look at the current week and see what we have going on that week. I also love that this is a smaller calendar but that it’s not so tiny that I can’t read my own writing in it..lol.

The second planner I use is THIS Tools 4 Wisdom planner and agenda. I’ve had A LOT of planners in my lifetime and this is my all time favorite by far! It has sections for monthly goal setting, priority setting, calendar, 12 month goals and more. This is the bulk of my planner use. I use it to plan my monthly goals, my yearly goals, and to define which of those goals have the highest priority. I also mark all of our personal appointments AND business info in the calendar sections. This is my main calendar so having both personal and business appointments and reminders in it makes it so I get a FULL picture of how busy we are. I also use this calendar to plan out my editorial calendar for post content here on the blog.

The third planner I use is a planner that isn’t really a planner. THIS Mead Organizher Expense Tracker is what I use to keep our finances in check. Each month has a budget area where I can plan out the money that we have coming out. It has includes a calendar for due dates and pockets for receipts. Without this planner, our finances would become even more wonkier than they have been. (yes wonkier IS a word…) My favorite thing about this one is that the pockets are thick cardstock, the cover is easily cleaned and that the budget pages are made on a thicker paper so that when I write things down, they don’t bleed through.

If you’re not using a planner, try it! You don’t have to use 3 like I do…I use that many because it’s what works for me. What works for me may not work for you. With enough time, you’ll find a system that works for you and you’ll be well on your way to being organized and stress free! Once you find your own system, you’ll notice that not only your calendar, but your life in general will slowly start to fall into place (as far as being organized) and even your finances will look better! Promise!

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