Where is Adventures in Coupons?

Can you believe that June is over halfway through? This month has been a tad bit crazy for us at our house. It seems like we’ve just been on the go since the start and it isn’t going to end until next month! I’ll tell you this. I could really use a rest. Between curriculum planning for the Monkey Child, moving, Monkey’s martial arts classes, work and all, I’m exhausted!

It hasn’t been all crazy though! One of the biggest things to happen this month (and one that I’m super excited to tell you about)  is the fact that Adventures in Coupons has grown up! (Finally!) If you haven’t noticed it already, we are now Six Dollar Family



This change has been a year in the making and I am absolutely thrilled with how things have turned out! I have planned and brainstormed and just generally hemmed and hawed around for 12 months to make this transition easier on not only you, but me as well. AIC meant a lot to me, but there comes a time in everyone’s life where you just have to move on. Whether you’re moving on from your home, a relationship or like me, your business, sometimes you just know when it’s time.

I’m sure that my long time readers will have questions. Keep reading. I’ve done the best that I can to answer the ones I expect, but if you have one that I don’t mention, just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer as soon as I see it!

Do you still own and run the site?

Of course! This blog, no matter what the name is mine and will always be. I am not going anywhere and in fact, part of the reason for the changes was so that I could stay in control.

Why was the change made?

Honestly? Deal blogging is very tiring and crazy hard work. I know, we sit at a computer all day and type so how hard can it be, right? Wrong. Deal bloggers spend hours a day looking for deals, more hours typing them up (at one point, AIC was posting 22-30 deals each day) and even more time promoting them. After 4 years of doing that? I just couldn’t any longer.

I have missed so much of my life over the last 4 years. I’ve worked birthdays (even my daughters), Christmases, Thanksgivings and more. Honestly? I miss my life and I can’t continue to miss out on it the way that I have. My daughter is 10. As much as I fight admitting it, I don’t have too many years left with her before she spreads her wings. I want to be there for those years and not tied to a computer screen watching my family grow without me.

So who is The Six Dollar Family?

To start, my family is. In 2010 when my Emma and I entered the homeless shelter that we would spend 10 months in, I had exactly $6.00 in my pocket. 5 years later, life is much better and so are my bank accounts because of the things that I learned along that 5 year journey.

Then I realized that in essence, we are all Six Dollar Families. None of us start with six (or seven) figure bank accounts. We all have to work for it, to invest wisely, to make money and grow it at the same time with smart financial decisions. So while the Six Dollar Family started as just me and the kid…now? It encompasses us all.

Will you be posting deals at all?

Maybe the occasional deal or freebie, but to be honest? I can’t stand to even look at a coupon these days. Instead, I prefer to help you save in other ways and to help you build a future for yourself and your family.

Really? No deals?

Really. No deals.

Okay so what WILL you be posting?

It’s my goal to help you to not only save money, but to budget well and build wealth. I realize that some of you live on very little money each month. That’s why I want to teach you. It is possible to retire with big bucks in your bank account…even if you have nothing in it right now.

Do I need to re-like or follow you on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?

Nope! All of the social media accounts for Adventures in Coupons have either already been moved to the new name or will be in the future.

Do I need to re-subscribe for your email newsletter?

No way! You’ll still receive the same newsletter as before. It just has a new name on it. :)

What does this mean for me then?

Good things I assure you! In the coming months, we will continue to provide you with awesome ways to save money, but we will also be adding great (and budget friendly) recipes, personal finance tips, homeschooling, awesome diy projects & crafts and a whole lot of family.

If you missed the post that I did a couple of weeks back, you can read about why I made the change and more about what is coming on the horizon in my post HERE.

It is my sincere hope that you will love the changes as much as I do. I want nothing more than to help you and your family succeed in life financially and in every way that I can.

Here’s to making Six Dollar Family the best that it can be…and to helping YOUR family get to six figures too!

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