My Top Emergency Preparation, Homesteading and Simple Living Books for 2017

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In my mind, there isn’t much better than curling up with a good book, a warm blanket and a hot cup filled with my favorite hot chocolate recipe. A good book can soothe your soul in ways like nothing else can, take you to places you’ve never been and teach you a lesson in a way like nothing else can. I tend to read a good mix of fiction books and nonfiction books and try to keep things balanced. I love learning new things so nonfiction books work well for me. If you’re like me and you happen to be looking for a few great nonfiction book recommendations, I’ve got you covered with my top nonfiction book picks of 2017.

Looking for a great book to read? My top nonfiction book picks for 2017 are perfect! Homesteading, simple living, frugal living, DIY, recipes and more!

This years books come to us courtesy of the Back to Basics Living Bundle. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a bundle, you’re going to love it. If you are familiar with the concept, hang tight for the details. A bundle is where a bunch of authors –there’s 65 books total! –  get together and offer their e-books, courses and other products at a drastic discount. And when I say drastic, I mean it. How drastic?

96% off retail prices. 

The Back to Basics Bundle is filled with fantastic e-books on homesteading, emergency preparation, frugal living, simple living and more! 65 books at 96% off of the price if you were to purchase them separately! I don’t know about you, but I am 100% game for saving almost 100% off on books! I could continue to go on and on about how amazing it is, but I think that the Back to Basics website says it best.

“The Back To Basics Living Bundle contains over 65 resources for Simple Living, Cooking From Scratch, DIY, Gardening & Homesteading, Natural Remedies, Food Storage, Preparedness & more. It’s a complete library of resources to help you live healthier, simpler and be prepared for anything (but for 96% off!).”

Top Nonfiction Book Recommendations for 2017

And yes! My own book, Six Dollar Family is included in the Back to Basics Bundle! I have been included in the bundle from the start and I have to say that each year the bundle just gets better and better! The content changes, the authors change and each year it offers more help to those who need it!

A book or a group of books that can help you save money, live more naturally, be prepared for emergencies, be and eat healthier (and on a budget no less) and live a simpler life is a win to me and this bundle can do just that! When you purchase the Back to Basics bundle, you’ll score amazing content such as (not counting my own book):

  • Real Food Meal Plans Made Easy By Jessica Beacom and Stacie Hassing
  • Easy Paleo Instant Pot Recipes By Dr. Karen S. Lee – Ya’ll? No joke. My Instant Pot is the single most amazing thing to ever happen to my kitchen.
  • 10 Minute Prep Freezer Means By Shanti Landon – Freezer cooking saves my grocery budget every month. I’m 100% positive that if you combine this book with a few of your favorite freezer cooking recipes that it will do the same for you!
  • 30 Essential Oil Recipes for DIY Beauty and Skin Care By Chrystal Johnson – Be sure to check out the homemade beauty recipes we have for you too! Don’t forget about our homemade cleaner recipes too! They work fantastic with essential oils!
  • The Complete Guide to Using, Laundering and Sewing Reusable Cloth Products By Danielle Pientka – short side note – I made the switch to cloth and have saved thousands since.
  • Hot Process Soap Making e-Course By Lindy Sellers – Once you learn how to make soap, be sure to check out my favorite homemade soap recipes!
  • Act On Your Craft  How to Sell at Craft Shows & Farmers Markets By Renee Harris – Craft shows and farmers market are a great way to make money from a natural lifestyle and Renee Harris walks you through exactly how to do that in her book.
  • Food Storage Made Easy: A Three-Part Program By Jodi Moore And Julie Weiss – Just another great addition that shows you can learn how to build a stockpile on a budget to prepare your family!
  • The Grow Your Money Tree Tool Kit By Lauren Bowling
  • Tips & Tales From A Frugal, Healthy Kitchen By Daisy Luther
  • Grow More Food course By Jason Matyas – Start a kitchen herb garden, grow food from scraps and save your family money? I’m totally there!
  • School Mom By Hilary Erickson
  • Schoolhouse Teachers Membership by
  • Essential Oil 101 Guide & Recipes By Caroline Vencil – Ya’ll? I couldn’t live without my Plant Therapy essential oils. I use them every single day of my life in some way!
  • DIY Natural Remedies By Nina Nelson – I hate going to the doctor so when we get sick, my first go to is the different home remedies that I know. This book is filled with fantastic ones!
  • 52 Week Preparedness Guide By Karen Jensen and Anita Fowler
  • Proverbial Homemaker Planner By Tauna Meyer

and so many more! I love this bundle because it builds on the ideas and thoughts that I am already trying to teach you here on the Six Dollar Family blog.

If you’re looking to save money, live more naturally, get prepared or just have a simpler and healthier life, this bundle has everything that you need! This year’s bundle is only available for 7 days though which means one thing.


Get the Back to Basics Bundle before time runs out!


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