Thrive Life – October 2016 Monthly Thrive Life Specials

One of the ways that we save money on groceries is by using my favorite freeze dried food company, Thrive Life. If you’re not familiar, Thrive Life, is awesomely awesome freeze dried (and/or dehydrated) foods that are shelf stable. We have a small family so for us, waste was a huge issue. With Thrive Life, we no longer have that waste issue. Why? Because each can of Thrive Life food is good for at least 2 years and (usually) they’re good for almost as long once opened! Can you imagine opening a package of beef or chicken and having it still fresh 6-12 months later? I can!

The food tastes amazing, the beverages are fantastic and then there’s the sheer amount of time that I save. I can whip up a pot of homemade chicken and noodles in 30 minutes. I can make mashed potatoes that taste better than if I peeled them myself in 5. I can make amazing cookies or brownies in no time flat too. Apple juice without all of that added junk? 5 minutes to the fridge. If I run out of milk? No problem! I can make up Thrive Life milk in 5 minutes and it tastes amazing with No sour powdered milk taste! For us? It is incredibly worth it to budget for our Thrive Foods Q each month in our grocery budget.

All of that aside, why should you consider Thrive Foods? There are a ton of reasons! Thrive Life Foods are:

  • Non-GMO
  • As nutritious as raising or growing the food yourself
  • Quick and Easy making them convenient for any family
  • Budget friendly – A lot of Thrive Life foods are cheaper than the grocery store!
  • Great for emergencies, a special treat or day to day cooking
  • fantastic for those of gluten free diets since so many products are gluten free!
  • great for quick snacks!
  • perfect for families due to the huge selection of choices!
  • Convenient! Thrive Foods are delivered right to your door! That means no shopping headaches, no gas spent on grocery shopping and more time to spend with your family!


Interested? Here are the October Thrive Life specials! Take a look and if you’re interested in ordering, fill out my Google Doc for more info! I can help you find the best deals for your family, host an event to earn free food, start your own Thrive Life business and so much more!

Still have questions? I wrote up a FAQ just for you! Head over HERE and take a look!



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