The One “Trick” that Will Save You Hundreds on Laundry

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Laundry is unfortunately one of those have to do’s in life. Really. Please, PLEASE do your laundry. For the sake of the rest of us, do your laundry. What you don’t have to do is keep pouring money down the drain. No, I mean you’re literally pouring your money down the drain.


Spending too much on laundry? This one very simple "trick" can save you hundreds per year!


Let’s back up a bit. There I was the other day, just minding my own business, walking down my hallway, headed to my bedroom to grab something. My Tom stood at the washer getting a load of towels going. All was right in my world. Things were calm, birds were singing, the sun was shining and just outside my window, Snow White….

Wait, what am I talking about? The tv was blaring, Emma’s books were strewn over the living room floor and that load of towels was the first load of MANY that day. As I walked past, I literally stopped in my tracks. There was my husband, doing laundry, trying to help, yet costing me hundreds per year…and not even realizing it.

Real quick run and grab the cap to your laundry detergent. If you use powdered detergent, grab the scoop. I’ll wait.

*que the Jeopardy music and head bobbing that rivals Night at the Roxbury*

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Back? Good.

Now I have a question for you; How much do you pay attention when you pour or scoop your detergent? If you’re like most people?

Probably not much.

That my friends? Will cost you HUNDREDS in extra detergent costs each year. How? Because if you’re using MORE than is recommended, you’re wasting detergent (using more than is needed to get your clothing clean). Wasted detergent = wasted money.

Each of your detergent lids (or scoops) are marked for just the right amounts. We all know that, but when you don’t pay attention? It’s not hard at all to go over those amounts.

I don’t know how much detergent my Tom or Emma have wasted (or even how much I’ve done it with), but I do know that it stops here. Mom’s budget just can’t handle the waste anymore.

 Just as an update? The “hundreds” in this post is relative. If you don’t use coupons or make your own, you’ll obviously save more than if you do those things. Either way? Waste isn’t a way for ANYONE to save.

What about you? Are you strict on detergent use or do you just pour and go? Want to save even more on laundry detergent? You might like my Simple 3 Step Powdered Detergent Recipe or my Non-Gelling DIY Liquid Detergent post!

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