The Bill Payment Schedule that Saved Our Finances

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I hate paying bills. It isn’t the fact that my hard earned money is going out the door that kills it for me, it isn’t the fact that they’re sometimes higher than I would like, it’s the fact that I really, REALLY hate sitting down to do it. Why? Because that would require me being organized and honestly? Most days of my life? I’m so not.

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives.

Yes, my head really did just go there. It’s okay, Brain does what it wants most days and I’m content to let it.

Anyhow, back to my loathing of sitting down and paying bills. I would REALLY like to have the ability to just think a bill paid and it was paid. I know, autopay exists, but I can’t stand not knowing when a bill was paid for certain and with how up and down my income has been the last year or so? I don’t trust it. Knowing my luck? I’d wake up to my accounts overdrawn one day by a bagillion dollars and be right back in the hole.

Unfortunately for me though, if I don’t make an effort to sit down and pay things, I forget them. No, I don’t forget that they’re due on a certain day, I mean I totally 100% forget to pay them. Brain has a lot of things on it’s mind most days and apparently can’t be bothered to remember such a small thing as a due date. My utility companies? They don’t care about Brain’s total ability to forget things…lol.


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So what is a girl who hates to sit down and pay bills and can’t remember too pay them supposed to do? Create a bill paying schedule! That’s what! I’ve already admitted that last year, our budget got way off track and part of the reason for that was that I simply didn’t have a schedule for when they were getting paid. Things were getting forgotten, accounts were being overdrawn and it was just a bad situation all around. This schedule fixed those issues and now? Our finances are on track and back where they need to be…even after losing $40,000 per year in income. When I realized that I needed a schedule, I pulled out my trusty desk calendar and started writing. At the beginning of the month, I write down the due date for each bill. This isn’t when I will be paying it, only when it’s due.

I get a lot of payments that are sent to my checking account on Thursdays or Fridays. Depending on when they’re sent, that means that my money will post in the account either Monday or Tuesday.

Obviously I need money in the account to pay bills. (They get kind of upset if you pay something with no money…who knew? 🙂 )

Monday became my main bill paying day. Then, because there are weeks where that money doesn’t become available until Tuesday, I made Friday’s my back up payment day. Each week, on Monday, I sit down with my checkbook register in hand, debit card armed and ready to go and my desk calendar.

I start with the bills that are due the soonest. Down the rows I go until I reach my weekly minimum left in my account. (I make sure to leave $100 in my checking account for emergencies). The following week (or on Friday if needed), I repeat the process. Pretty soon, my bills are paid! If I’m keeping money in there for something like groceries, I make sure that I go to the store within a day or two so that it doesn’t get spent elsewhere and set me back.

Once they’re all paid, I start shoving that excess money into savings! You’d be surprised at how quickly that savings builds up!

Do you have a bill payment schedule that’s different than mine? I’d love to hear if so! I’m always looking for a system that works better than mine!

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  1. I get paid Thursdays (direct deposit) but try to pay bills the monday after. Husband gets paid Friday so I wait till the Tuesday after. Iget paid one week and he gets paid the next. It makes it nice because there’s always money coming in.

  2. We get paid with direct deposit twice a month, on the 15th and the last day. But I can find what amount the paycheck will be several days beforehand. So some day before payday when it’s convenient, I go online and get the amount. Then, from online banking, I schedule ALL the bills that are due anytime in the next two weeks to be paid from the bank account on the day the paycheck will be in there. So all my bills due between the 15th and the last day of the month will be paid from the bank account on the 15th. I do it this way because otherwise the money will get spent on other things… still working on keeping to the budget for everything that is not a bill… sigh. 🙂

    • Ann, this is exactly what I do. It makes it much easier just getting it all out of the way as soon as it’s available.

      • I’ve done it that way as well, however, I found that we were still going over budget on A LOT of things and even more things were sliding. When I started doing it the way I described in the post, things worked out much better for us. Budgets are personal to each family however so I’m thrilled that you both found something that works for your families!

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