Teaching Classification & Sorting with LEGO’s

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In your homeschool classroom, you want to use things that your kids can relate to and I don’t know of a single kid that doesn’t relate to LEGO’s.  Since most kids love them, it just makes sense to use them to teach classification and sorting with them, right? What better way to bring play time to the classroom?  When your kids get to play with their favorite toy as part of the class work, they are usually much happier to sit down and learn.  In truth, LEGO’s are an excellent item to use throughout your homeschool curriculum because they’re educating younger kids on colors and numbers, or older children on things like multiplication and division.

 Have you ever included LEGO's in your homeschool? If not, you should be! They're so much fun and VERY easy to teach with! Check out these tips for Teaching Classification & Sorting with LEGO's!
LEGO’s are so much fun for kids and that means that it makes a TON of sense to me to use them in your home school. We all know that kids respond better when they are having fun while learning and well? Even I get behind lessons that make it fun for me to teach. Check out these tips for teaching classification and sorting with LEGO’s! They’re awesomely fun and VERY educational!
Classification with Lego’s:  For younger kids you can use this to simply sort and classify Lego’s by colors, then separate each color into the number of stud’s per Lego.  1, 2, 4, 6 are the most common, but as you increase Lego brick supplies you’ll find them with odd numbers and up to 12 studs for longer pieces.  This is even a great thing to work with in older kids.  To begin a lesson on multiplication or division, you can have your student separate the Lego’s into groups of colors and sizes for easier use later.

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Color Recognition with Lego’s:  Not only can your child sort their Lego’s by their colors, you can use this as a fun way to teach about color combinations.  We all know Red, Blue and Yellow are the basic colors, but teaching how red and yellow make orange or blue and yellow make purple is much more fun when you do so by using Lego’s.  You can easily display the basic colors of the rainbow with Lego’s then match the colors together that create the blends you are so familiar with.

Multiplication practice with Lego’s: When your child is first learning about multiplication, using Lego’s to represent the numbers can be a great method of learning.  Since you already have them sorted out by color and number, you can start grouping into the multiplication tables.  Start with the 1’s, 2’s, 3’s and so forth.  You can create your own “problems” by placing them next to each other and then having your child choose Lego’s that represent the answer in alternate colors.  This can be a great visual way to teach a multiplication word problem as well.

Division practice with Lego’s:  Using Lego’s for division is great fun.  Choose a larger numbered Lego, and a smaller numbered Lego.  Place the small number on top of the large number to represent a division problem.  You can then have your child use smaller numbered Lego’s to work the problem, or use pen and paper to work the problem and simply choose the answer in Lego form.

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Working with Lego’s in homeschool is all about working with visual learning.  Most children do much better when they have a functional visual method to learn with.  Lego’s are an excellent tool for homeschool lessons because they offer visual learning in a form your kids are already familiar with.  Lego’s aren’t just toys for boys anymore.  With Lego Friends gaining popularity in the last few years, you also have tons of great girl sets that have colors like pink, purple and even a few glittery sets.  You can easily incorporate any Lego set into your homeschool time, but especially when working with classification and sorting with Lego’s in your math curriculum.


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