Christmas Gift Planner – Free Printables

Staying organized during the holiday season is one of those things that I struggle with every year. If I don't start early then I end up not only spending too much, but I have also totally forgotten people in the past. Never my immediate family, but friends and extended family. … [Read more...]

Spring Break Boredom Busters for Tweens – 25 Awesome Ideas!

"Mooooommmmm! I'm bored!" Welcome to my life and I'm positive the life of every mom (or dad) who has kids no matter what their ages are. It seems to me though that it got really bad when my daughter hit her tween years. She had suddenly lost the ability to figure out how to … [Read more...]

Why I Use a Daily Planner and Why You Should Too!

  Okay. I confess. I have a huge addiction. No, it's not to something bad (this time), I am 100% addicted to planners. I'm actually so addicted that I use THREE. Yes...3. Each one is different in their own way and I love each one equally. The 3 of them combined, help me … [Read more...]