How Combining Your Finances Can Improve Your Marriage

My Tom and I have one bank account. One account to rule them all so to speak. I suppose since we both work that we could have separate accounts, but that never occurred to us. I know though that a lot of couple do keep separate accounts and I think it's time for them to be … [Read more...]

5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Got Married

I got married for the first time at 20 years old. I was divorced before I was 21. I can remember my Pastor asking me during pre-marital counseling if I was absolutely sure. He had known me since I was a toddler and looking back now, I'm positive that he knew I was making a … [Read more...]

Our #1 Secret to Keeping Our Marriage Strong

Marriage? It's HARD...and anyone who tells you otherwise? They're lying to you. It takes work every single day, but its so worth it. I know. I'm probably the last person in the world that should be giving marriage advice. I've been married multiple times, but you see? That's the … [Read more...]

To My Love: Ten Things I Want To Tell You (But Never Would…)

    Thomas,   Yeah, I know. Not quite the love letter type. Tough. You'll deal with it. I constantly walk around saying "never mind" when talking to you and I've explained why, I drives you nuts. Guess what? I'm going to tell you what all of those … [Read more...]