Free Wedding Samples – *HUGE* List of Free Samples for Weddings

When Tom and I got married in September 2013, I wanted to do it as cheaply as possible. It's not because we couldn't afford a wedding, but more that I really just didn't want to pay thousands of dollars for what amounted to a few minutes of our married life. One of the ways that … [Read more...]

Budget Wedding 101: Saving on the Photos

      Continuing with our Budget Wedding 101 series, let's talk about photos. There seems to be some misguided through process out there that says you *have* to have a professional photographer that will charge you thousands of dollars. I'm sorry, but I just … [Read more...]

Budget Wedding 101: Saving on the Flowers

  So we've talked about the dress and the decor and now? Let's save on flowers! I really hope you are enjoying these posts on having a budget wedding and that you're being helped. I can honestly say that I had my wedding on a ridiculously low amount of money (well under … [Read more...]

Budget Wedding 101: Saving on the Decor

  When you're planning your wedding, you might do a double take when it comes to the cost of decor...especially if you're trying to have a budget wedding. I'm not talking flowers because those are a whole beast to themselves. I mean things like ribbons, napkins, candle … [Read more...]

Budget Wedding 101: Saving on the Dress

    Getting married doesn't have to make you go broke. You can totally have the wedding of your dreams on a budget and still have a beautiful and memorable ceremony. One of the most "important" things about your perfect day is of course, your dress. Every little … [Read more...]