Reindeer Noses DIY Gift Idea

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One of my Emma’s favorite Christmas songs is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. She loves all things reindeer so when it came time for her to make DIY gifts for her friends this Christmas, I found the perfect one for her. This Reindeer Noses Gift Idea is perfect for kids to put together for their friends, family members or even teachers! Emma loved making them last year so this year, I wanted to make absolute certain that we had a post here on the blog for your kids to do too!

Adorable and Easy to make, this Reindeer Noses DIY Gift Idea is PERFECT for kids, teachers, friends and more!

These are so easy to make that your kids will have a blast to make! They are perfect for gathering around the table and making homemade Christmas gifts and even the youngest kids can help do them with even tiniest bit of help. Older kids won’t need too much help, but the younger ones will need help with gluing and the antler portion most likely. My Emma was 9 the last time she made these and the only thing she really needed help with was the antlers and even then it was only because my instructions to her weren’t that great lol.

Reindeer Noses DIY Gift Idea

Like I said above, these make great gifts for friends, teachers, family members, coaches and more! Emma absolutely loved gifting them because she had made them herself. That made it even more special to her and to the people she was gifting!


You Will Need:



Wash and dry your mason jars throughly then find a part of the jar with no jar decoration on it. Glue the googly eyes and gum ball nose onto that part of the jar so that your reindeer has a face.



Fill the jar with Whoppers making sure that you add a red gumball every so often to stand for Rudolph’s nose.


reindeer-noses-gift-idea-process-3To make the antlers, take 1 of the pipe cleaners and cut it into 3 equal parts. Glue one part of the pipe cleaner onto each side of the lid for the stem. Take your remaining piece of pipe cleaner and cut it in half then twist it around his antler to make the antler branches. Repeat for the other side.

Adorable and Easy to make, this Reindeer Noses DIY Gift Idea is PERFECT for kids, teachers, friends and more!

Add a lid and ring to your jar then wrap some cute ribbon around the top of the jar. Once you’ve got these made, use a small piece of ribbon to attach the free printable gift tag that I’ve included for you. You can download the PDF labels HERE. They are the same “reindeer noses” label that you see in the photo above. Just print them out, glue to a small piece of card stock or construction paper and punch a small hole in the corner to attach with.


That’s it! Your kiddos now have an awesome gift to give that they made (or helped make) themselves! I’m off to the kitchen to help Emma with hers this year!

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