My daughter the Football Player?

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These were not the actual doors involved. These doors are innocent in this whole situation. Please do not harrass these doors. They’ve done nothing wrong.


You may ask why I chose a photo of 2 glass doors for this post. Keep reading. You’ll understand in just a few minutes.


First, let me tell you a bit about my daughter. Emma is 7 years old and has the type of sense of humor that I simply can’t stay mad at , ignore or not giggle with her. For being so young, she’s quite the little person and even if she wasn’t my kid, I would still say that she totally kicks butt. She’s been through so much in her short life, but has never let it get her down and has always has a hug and smile waiting for ANYONE (read: random strangers even, and yes, that was a VERY long talk with me) who wants one.


But I digress…


Emma is also a 7 year old…and 7 year olds do silly things sometimes. Heck, 7 year olds do flat out insane things sometimes. They know NO fear and they are SO daring!


This was the case last night. I took my little one out to Burger King for dinner. This is a ritual that I try to do as often as possible even though sometimes the money is just not there. She gets to choose the resturant  and we spend that time with no smart phones, no computer, no Facebook, nothing but Emma and Mommy. It is time that both she and I have grown to treasure and I’ve no doubt that when she’s older and no longer has time for me, that the memories we are creating now will still be treasured ones.


Anyhow, last evening we headed to BK. We got our food, ate our meal, played with the kid’s meal toys for a bit and then I called for a taxi pickup and we went outside and waited. No mind you, we are standing in a parking lot, but we were by the building and away from traffic so I allowed her to run around and play a bit.  That is until she pulled what we have every so lovingly come to refer to as “showing her ***insert her last name here.***

Let me set the stage for you a bit:


We’re standing against the building looking out into the smaller area of the parking lot. Said smaller area of the  parking lot has about 4 parking spots on the left and right sides and are divided by a wide cement slab/sidewalk. Got that picutred in your mind a bit? Good. You’ll need it.


My child. My sweet, loving, intelligent child walks to the middle of this cement slab. Not expecting what was coming next, I allowed her to do so and just stood there and watched her. Anyhow, she walks to the middle of this sidewalk and crouches down in a full three point stance.


Three Point Stance

Honestly? I STILL didn’t think anything of it. Emma is a good mix of tomboy and princess so I’m quite used to seeing her goofing around in a three point or wrestling stance.


Then I heard it.
It was the war cry to end all warcries.




and before I could even get the “WTF” thought to form in my brain, she took off running!


Face. First. Into. The. Double Glass. Doors. At. BK.


“OOF!” <—-what it sounded like when the doors won the war.


My sweet, loving, INTELLIGENT child had just run at full speed, into 2 plate glass doors and then got up and laughed. Hence the she  was  “showing her ***insert her last name here.***


I will admit. My first reaction was not a good one. I turned around (because I was standing right next to those doors) and asked her what in God’s name she was doing. I then proceeded to lay down the law. I explained to her that it wasn’t safe and how badly she could have been hurt had those doors shattered. I explained the money part (and my lack of) for replacing the doors. I informed her that she would be sitting down until the taxi picked us up and would go straight to bed when we got home.


and then? We went to the bathroom.
Why? Because I needed a stall to hide in, out of range of her eyes…to giggle.


Yes, I admit it. I giggled. Heck, I’ve laughed about it while writing this post.



Why? Not because I think it was a smart, safe or even sane thing to do, but because that’s my Emma. LOL. Crazy, zaney and a bit too wild sometimes, but she’s mine.


It’s so hard in today’s world to lose sight of what really matters. Work, relationships, financial stress and more slowly pick away at our lives and emotions each and every day…especially during the holiday season. It’s rather easy in the hustle and bustle of it all to forget what truly is important.


Could she have been seriously hurt? Absolutely.


But you know what? I needed those giggles. I needed to be reminded what it was like to be a child with no fear and no responsibilites. I needed to be reminded of one of the reasons I love my daughter so much…of who she is.


And you know what else? I’m glad she did it.


So tell me, what has YOUR crazy, goofy, a bit wild child done lately?

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Stacy Barr

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  1. Jeni Mitchell says:

    Bless you and definitely your precious Emma. Thanks so much for sharing this story and yes, giving me a giggle. While I don’t have my own children I do have two nieces, the younger of whom (2) is fearless. While she hasn’t tried anything as dramatic as Emma’s war yell run, she does push the limit as far as she can where my dog Toby is concerned. She constantly “accidentally” drops food while she’s eating. My mom, her mom and I have all told her numerous times why she isn’t to feed Toby like this. Lately when we catch her “accidentally” dropping food and we correct her, she turns to Toby and very loudly says “Sorry Toby.” It’s precious although moments later we’ll hear another “Sorry Toby” followed by little giggles. You have to love them. 🙂

  2. Sounds like something my youngest daughter would do. LOL, I love that she is completely different from any other child I know or have ever known. She is so unique and I enjoy seeing all sides of her and and to know that she knows she is different and unique and she loves that about herself as well. She most certainly beats to a different drum… and is proud of that ! She will stand proudly and exclaim what a geek she is. In fact at 12 she is a drummer, a writer, and artist, a soccer player, a comic and so many other characters. In my 2 adult children I do not recall them being a diversafied as she is. Every day I relish in seeing what she is becoming, even if she only is that for a short time. There is tomorrow for her to show a new part of herself and i can’t wait to meet it

  3. Sarah McKnight says:

    So, my child does the most insane things ever…like literally climbing up the wall…yeah thats her!! (shes 6 too) BUT here’s one for you, not about a child but about a happily couponing diva here is her FB status today :”ok i went to krogers with my coupons and i was walkin all through that store with a smile on my face talkin to strangers about how to coupon..well while checking out i noticed a girl smilin behind. i was thinkin yeah she probably laughin because of my coupons lol.. everytime i would turn around she had that smile. well when i got home i had a chewed up sucker stick stuck to my butt lol” NOW if thats NOT funny I dont know what is!!! hahaha

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