How I’m Getting Paid to Buy Groceries

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One of the biggest costs that most of us have is our grocery bill and unfortunately, it’s not one of those expenses that we can really get rid of. Sure, we can work at cutting our grocery costs, but ditching it like we can cable? Not happening. I’m not sure about you, but while I like eating, I don’t like spending $400 or more per month for groceries, which is what we would spend if I didn’t work at getting that bill down each month. One of the ways that I get the expense down as low as I can is by getting paid to buy groceries.


Groceries are super expensive in today's economy. That's why I love the way that I shop! I'm getting PAID to buy my groceries and now? I'm going to show you how to do it too!


Groceries can be killer to save on and I’ve already admitted that I don’t coupon as much as I used to. Because of that, our bill easily runs upwards of $400 per month if I let it. Sure, I can do things like making everything from scratch, making my own cleaning supplies and more, but we all know that those things only save so much. To really maximize my savings, I have to do multiple things and in the end? I get paid a lot of the time to buy my groceries.

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Now I do want to make something clear – I don’t mean this post to sound as if I shop for free every single time. I don’t. I actually shop for free about once a month. Any other grocery trips are out of pocket, but that one “big” trip per month really helps me keep my costs down. While I may not be getting paid hundreds each trip, any money going into my pocket is better than none.

To start, let’s talk about how I get my grocery money technically free every month. I showed you how I earn an extra $225.00 or more every month and the steps in that post are what I use for my grocery budget. If you missed that post, you can check it out HERE.

If you don’t want to check out that post, it works like this:

First, I use Swagbucks daily on my phone to watch the videos. This earns me 30 SB per day since it caps out at 30. I also do Encrave, NOSO and the daily poll each day to get a few more bucks. Add that to my normal searching and I earn.

Next, I use InstaGC each day to earn $5.00 minimum per day. This isn’t hard to do as long as you follow the tips in their how to guide and earns me a minimum of $150/mo.

Third, I use Superpoints to get Amazon or Target gift cards and once I run out of those, I’ll use it for Paypal.

Finally, before I shop, I spend a small bit of time doing Feature Points. This is a new app to me, but I’ve already cashed out. My payment was instant so yours probably would be too. You earn points by downloading and testing apps.

As I’m in the store, I make sure to pull out my phone, open up the ShopKick app and scan for any kicks that I can get while in the store. This helps me get more Walmart or Target gift cards to use the next monthly trip.

Once we get home, I pull out my phone and get started with the “getting paid” process!

First, I upload my receipts to Receipt Hog and spin. This earns me Paypal cash or Amazon gift Cards.

Then, I cash in any iBotta rebates I have making sure to use any milk or other fresh food rebates they have available.

After that, it’s time to upload them to any rebates I have on  Checkout51 and SNAP by Groupon as well!

Finally, I upload to the Walmart Savings Catcher if we have shopped at Walmart. It doesn’t catch much, but in the end, even a few dollars a month is better than none.

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By the time it’s all said and done, I’ve shopped pretty well for free AND have gotten paid to buy some of them with the rebate apps!! You can’t beat free and you can’t beat getting paid for sure! Do you do anything else to get free groceries other than what I’ve listed here! I’d love to see them if so! Leave me a link in the comments!


Want to see how else I use my phone? Check out THIS post! You might be surprised!


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  1. Receipt Pal is similar to receipt hog. You can cash in for and Amazon gift cards.

  2. Penny Elliott says:

    Thank you so much Stacy for all the info on how you get your groceries for free! Wow, I’m impressed, as I am not a Internet -go-to -woman, I rely heavily on Google to help me find ways to save on my grocery bill. As you mentioned, there is only a certain amount you can save, making your own cleaning products, and I cook from scratch already, it does save a bit of money,,,and every dime saved is a dime less on groceries I have to pay out! However, with my limited knowledge on knowing where to look, I didn’t know any of these methods you spoke of on getting your groceries basically free by using Swagbucks i.e.,,,in fact I didn’t know of these money saving applications until reading this newsletter! Wow, what a wealth of information I’ve received! I am so grateful I found you ( Amazon recommended your ebook to me) I purchased your ebook and have enjoyed learning how you save on groceries among other valuable tips! Thank again Stacy, I look forward to your newsletters as well as any , works in progress, for ebooks, you may have in the near future! …New fan,,,Penny

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