How I Saved $264.00 a Year in 5 minutes and 6 Clicks

I just saved $264.00 a year in my budget and it was so simple! It took me 5 minutes and 6 clicks of my mouse! Want to know how you can too? Its all in the post!


How I Saved $264.00 a Year in 5 minutes and 6 Clicks


Every have one of those moments where you really just feel like facepalming yourself over something that you’ve personally done? Mine? Came a couple of weeks ago. We all have heard the same, tired tips for saving money in our budgets, but for a lot of us, it can be really easy to just gloss over those tips. Come on, we’ve all heard “turn the thermostat down” or “use coupons” a hundred fifty million times. If you’re like me? You skip over them a lot of the time. This can be bad, bad juju and end up costing us big bucks.

As was the case for us 2 weeks ago when I sat in front of my pc working on my budget for October. I got to wondering if we were paying too much in car insurance or if there was another company that we could save more on. I like my money…therefore I like saving it…therefore I am ALWAYS looking for a way to shrink our expenses. We were at the renewal stage of our car insurance so it was either find something different or pay out a crazy amount of money for another 6 months.

So off I go to Company A. I really wasn’t expecting much because I’ve heard that “Company A” actually charges more than what our current company was, but hey, you never know and it was certainly worth checking out.

Know what? Company A was cheaper.

Company A was $22.00/mo cheaper.

Company A? Just got my business.


In that 5 minutes and the 6 clicks of my mouse, I saved myself $264.00 a year. That $264 a year? That is a month’s worth of groceries for us. It’s my water bill for almost 6 months. My cell bill for 4.5 months. Our entertainment budget for over a year. In FIVE MINUTES!!


My point is this; When I opened my browser that day, I had a preconceived notion that “Company A” was more expensive. I felt I was wasting time and brain cells. I was all ready to just skip that chance to save and move on. I am so glad that I didn’t. I’m thrilled that I didn’t let myself talk myself out of it. (Uh..did that last sentence make sense? LOL!) $264 a year is a fantastic amount to save off of an expense and is money that I can now put back into my budget for other expenses.


When was the last time you went digging to save? The last time you took 5 minutes to re-evaluate one of your bills? It never hurts to take a look and you never know! You may find savings you didn’t expect too!

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  1. umm, wow! This is great! I feel like I’ve been having a “Face palm” moment all.week.long! 🙂

  2. I’m positive my insurance rates are the lowest available (USAA), but recently did this with my TV service. I switched to Direct TV ONLY after they told me they guarantee the rates won’t go up more than $20/month after the promotional rates (you get the promotional rate for 12 months, but have to sign a contract for 24 months). I will save $896 over two years (if they raise it the full $20/month for the second year). It took me about an hour, including the time it took for them to come hook it up.

    • I love Direct TV over cable, just be careful with their rental option> Can get you into real trouble if you’re not careful. 🙂

  3. Michelle Jones says:

    This is great advice for your home owners insurance as well! I have done this same thing with most of my bills. It is suggested by my insurance agent to go in to your insurance office once a year concerning your home owners insurance. Things change in state minimum amounts and you should also make sure they are not “insuring” you for way more than what the company would actually pay you if your home were to be completely ruined in some way. I know that we saved a TON of $$ by doing both of these things! Make sure you make an appointment before you go to the office first though. It also doesn’t hurt to take a quote in from another company and ask if they can do better. I hope this has helped some of you save a load of cash!!

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