How I Save on Back to School Reading

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My Emma loves to read. This kid almost always has a book in her hand and when she finds a favorite? She will read it over and over again until the covers fall off and the binding let’s loose. I can not tell you how many copies of her favorites I have bought and re-bought (is that an actual word?) because I’ve had to replace them. Know what though? I totally don’t mind. In fact? I love having a child whose love of reading and learning is so strong. Books can be expensive though…especially if you’re buying them new. That’s why I’m so thrilled that I found!

Kids books can be so expensive, but now? I'm saving more than I'm spending! Check out how I save on Back to School Reading and you could be saving too!



Now don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love being in a brick and mortar book store. There’s something about the smell and feel of a book that has been loved by its previous owner. What I don’t like though is paying near retail prices for used books and unfortunately, that is what I’ve found at most used book stores that I’ve come across. To me, saving $0.50 or $1.00 off on a book just isn’t worth it when I can buy a new copy in much better condition for that $1.00. With though, I don’t have to worry about that! The quality of the books combined with awesome rewards makes it so much easier to buy those back to school reading books for my Emma and with over 7 million books? I don’t have ANY issues finding what I want!


You might think that I lose out on saving because of shipping, but let me tell you. I don’t! Shipping is free for orders over $10.00 and they ship super quick too! Within 24 hours! I can’t think of anywhere that I get that kind of deal on quick shipping! The deals don’t stop there though. One of my favorite features is their deal section. Any book marked as a “deal” qualifies and let me tell you, the selections are great! What are the “deal” books you ask?

  • 2 books for $7.00
  • 3 books for $10.00
  • 4 books for $12.00
  • each additional is $3.00

Yes. Yes I could get totally lost in the Thrift Deals section!

As great as those things are, I think that my favorite thing about ThriftBooks is that I can find fantastic copies of books that I have so much trouble finding anywhere else. Books are an integral part of our homeschool as I put a high emphasis on reading and some of them I just can’t find because their so popular or their out of print. Guess what? I found them on Thriftbooks! That alone makes everything about this site worth it to me!


Oh wait…there’s ONE more feature that I am totally in love with! has an AWESOME rewards program! For every $50.00 that you spend? You’ll earn a $5.00 coupon and if you use the tell a friend feature with Reading Rewards together? You’ll be able to give your friends and family a 20% off coupon (15% off coupon for non Reading Rewards members)! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that makes me!


1 of 5 bookshelves (the smallest) in our homeschool room…we LOVE reading!

With books being so costly and our use of them so high during school, I just had to tell you about the site. I can’t begin to tell you how much money they will save me over the next year and if you’re a homeschool Mom, a teacher or even someone who just wants to foster a love of reading in a child, you will LOVE this site as much as I do!


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