How I Earn Extra Cash Helping Others Shop

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Earning extra money seems to be on everyone’s radar these days. It seems that every time I turn around someone is asking me for help with their budget or how to make extra cash online. I don’t mind being asked, but it really drives home how hard a lot of people really are having it these days. To put it mildly? A LOT of people are having it rough. Taking a second job is a great way to ease budget troubles, but let’s face it. Not everyone has the time to work two jobs. The truth is, if you have kids it can be hard and if you’re a single parent? It can be pretty well close to impossible.

For people who can’t take a second job for one reason or another, earning money online may be the only option that they have for trying to make enough income just to make ends meet. I have been lucky enough to figure out a system that works for me that earns me at least $225.00 every month, but not everyone has the time to figure out a system to earn with and it doesn’t always work for everyone. For those people, they need to find other ways. When our budget got really out of control in 2014, I had to find something else to add onto my system with.

Do you love to shop? I do! I love it so much that I made it a part-time job! You read that right! I'm getting paid to help others shop and I'm going to show you how you can earn extra cash too!

Trust me when I say that you can do this job entirely online if you want. Sure, you could take it offline if that is your cup of tea but in my world, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Instead, I choose to do my work online where I can work on it while I’m working on other things. Since our budget has been back on track since January 2015,  I like to add this particular job to the other side jobs I do to help us get out of debt because it really can bring in a very nice income meaning we can pay off our debt and get out of debt quicker.

How I Earn Extra Cash Helping Others Shop

If you like to shop then you’re going to love this work at home opportunity. What is it you ask? You could work as a personal shopper with Sears and Kmart!

When you’re a personal shopper for the Sears Shop Your Way Rewards program, you do one main thing. Help your clients find great deals! How easy is that and it’s right up they alley of someone who is looking to not only add extra cash, but also to work in a field that they love! The SYWR Personal Shoppers can answer questions for their clients (and others), send coupons to their clients and more!

That’s all fine and dandy right, but how do you get paid? It’s pretty easy to understand. Each month you will start at 2% commission. Then, you can raise that commission rate by performing very simple tasks within your Shop Your Way dashboard. You can raise your commission rate as high as 5%. Now I know that may not seem like a lot but keep in mind that you earn when your clients not only shop online, but also when they shop in store. This means that if your clients purchase something like an appliance in store, you will earn up to 5% on that purchase.

For a $500 purchase, you would earn $25.00 in commission if you had raised your rate to 5%. That’s not chump change and it adds up very quickly!

This is one of those jobs that I wouldn’t have known about how I not started my blog. I love blogging and I love the income that it provides, but sometimes you just need a boost. Becoming a personal shopper has allowed us to have that boost when we’ve needed it.

So how to get started, right?

Well first you’ll need an account. You can sign up on the Shop Your Way website HERE. Once you’ve signed up, it’s as simple as filling out your payment information and grabbing your link! The SYWR program also offers brochures that you can print out and other resources to help you gain clients. Ask your friends and family first and then branch out to other people like your neighbors and members of your community.

Personal Shoppers get paid once a month by check (from Sears) as long as your commissions are $25 or more. Trust me, it’s very easy to make $25.00 once you have a few clients under your belt. If you’re looking to get out of debt or just to boost your budget, it’s a great program. While it won’t provide a full time income for the vast majority of people, it does have the ability to provide a nice and tidy extra boost each month.

This isn’t the only way that I earn extra cash. In fact, I have quite a few methods that I use each month. Most of them are pretty quick and don’t require a lot of time. This one though can easily be one of my highest earners if I give it enough time each week followed very closely by my $225.00 system. Yes, earning online can take some time, but I look at it like this. I intend to be a millionaire someday. If earning a few hundred dollars extra each month can help me with that? Then I will do what I need to do to earn that extra cash. Being a personal shopper helps with that and I’m 100% positive it could help you too.


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  1. Cindy Magee says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these extra ways to bring in income. I’m a stay at home mom and just restarted blogging and wow it has changed so much in 4 years! I’m already an Show Your way member and had no idea about this! Thanks again for sharing!!!

  2. Kellie Barley says:

    Hi Stacy! Thanks for this blog….I have just discovered it a few days ago and have learned so much!…. I signed up for this personal shopper, and I have answered 2 questions….but there was no where for me to enter any info to get paid. Where would this be?… How do I know if I am doing it correctly? 😉 Thanks again!

    • Stacy Barr says:

      Hey Kellie, It’s in your profile under settings. You’ll need to submit a W-9 form first. Then they will send your check (they pay once a month as long as you’ve reached $25 (I think?) to the address on your profile.

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