How Can Thrive Life Helps Me Save Money (and Other Burning Questions You May Have)

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Around my house, it isn’t uncommon to see a Thrive Life label just hanging around the kitchen, my desk and even in our car on road trips. We love them so we find ways to use them in our daily lives. I’ve mentioned that in a couple of posts, but since I started mentioning it around here, I’ve been flooded with questions on what it is, how it can help you save money, how it can save you time and so on. I’m a busy, busy bee which means that it is so much easier for me to create a post around the questions I get on a regular basis. The biggest question that I get is how Thrive Foods can save money on groceries. The answer is simple and Thrive Life really can help you cut your household expenses even if it seems like it won’t.

Looking for fantastic shelf stable foods? Try Thrive Life! They're Non-GMO, Shelf Stable for years and taste great! We use them daily! Click to learn more!

I know that it might sound odd to use freeze dried food from a can in your home but when you think about it, it really isn’t. We use canned, frozen and pre-prepared foods in our homes daily. In fact, the majority of our grocery stores are filled with canned and prepackaged foods. Our pantries, refrigerators and freezers are full of them too. We feed them to our families and the vast majority of people never stop to think about what is in them or even worse? What isn’t.

How Can Thrive Life Help Me Save Money on Groceries

Most canned goods, frozen foods or other pre-packaged meals at the grocery store are full of two things: fillers and salt. Those fillers that are mixed into what should be goodness are doing horrible things for our health. As a society, we are getting sicker and sicker and a lot of it stems from those filler ingredients that are added to make you feel fuller. In addition to the fillers though, the sheer amount of sodium that we are eating on a daily basis is sickening. Salt acts as a preservative as well as a flavor enhancer so those items that you buy in the boxes and cans tend to be full of them. Finally, what is missing from those foods on the shelves are nutrients that your body needs daily. Unfortunately, a lot of the “food” that we put into our bodies is so lacking in those important vitamins and minerals that it can barely be called food. Sugar content in pre-packaged foods is out of control too. Even in foods that are marketed as healthy, you’ll often find 5 teaspoons, 10 teaspoons or even more sugar per serving.

Would you willing feed your child that much sugar? No! Of course not! Which brings us to Thrive Life and your questions:

What exactly is Thrive Life?

Thrive Life began as Shelf Reliance with the idea of creating food rotation systems that the average family could use in their home. Eventually, that idea blossomed into the idea of each home having their own home store. Now, it is their mission to help people build that home store by providing amazing freeze-dried or dehydrated food, drinks and seasonings. They even have a bakery line ya’ll.

Thrive Life Foods are shelf stable and there is a rather huge selection to choose from. You can buy everything from eggs and milk to chicken and beef, brownies and hot cocoa. Most products come in either a smaller pantry can size or a larger #10 can size, however, they do offer 6 gallon bucket sizes for most products (if you’re wanting to really buy in bulk) as well as pouch products for specific items as well.

How are Thrive Life Foods used?

Just like any other food! You can use them in your favorite recipes with other foods or for some products, even enjoy them as a stand alone snack! We absolutely love the Snackies product line and I can’t seem to keep the freeze dried pineapple in the house!

Looking for fantastic shelf stable foods? Try Thrive Life! They're Non-GMO, Shelf Stable for years and taste great! We use them daily!

Are they actually tasty or are you just giving me a sales spiel?

While it is true that I am a Thrive Life consultant, I would never lie to you simply to get you to purchase something. Bloggers who do that are unethical and in the wrong. We really do use them in our home and we really do love them! In fact, I have altered many of my recipes to exchange “fresh” products in favor of using Thrive Life products instead. Homemade pasta is one of those recipes. I have found that using a half and half mixture of Thrive Life eggs and fresh eggs gives my pasta a much better texture than fresh eggs alone. I truly believe that Thrive Life Foods can and will help your family live better and be healthier.

Are Thrive Life Foods fresher than store bought foods and how?

Seeing as how Thrive Life products come in a can, you wouldn’t think so would you? Except Thrive Life foods absolutely are fresher than store bought! Let me explain how: Let’s say you head to the store to pick up a bunch of bananas. Have you ever stopped and thought about how old those bananas are? Chances are good that their journey to the produce bin that the store looked something like this:

  • Day 1: They were picked before they were ripe.
  • Day 2: They were transported to the packing plant.
  • Days 3-4: They Were packaged for transport
  • Days 5-12: They were transported from the country or state they were grown in.
  • Day 13-14: They spent their life in cold storage being prepared for the next step in their journey.
  • Day 15-16: They were artificially ripened to give them a more appealing look in the store then transported to the store.
  • Days 17-20: They are put on the shelf at the store where they will wait for you to buy them.
  • Days 21-25: You buy them and they go home with you.

Crazy, right? By the time that you pick up your bananas at the store, they’re already almost a month old! By that point they have lost a lot of their vital nutrients! That amount of storage and waiting can lead to a loss of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants of up to 60%! Now think about that in terms of the meat, dairy and other produce that you buy. Kinda, scary what we’re actually buying, isn’t it?

With Thrive Life bananas however, those same bananas have a journey like this:

  • Day 1: They are picked when they naturally ripen.
  • Day 1: Within 4 hours of being picked they are flash frozen.
  • Day 1-2: They are freeze dried to lock in those nutrients that we all need.
  • Days 1-3: They are sealed in their can to protect that same fresh taste that you love! Thrive Life foods taste like their fresh today and for years to come!

Okay, so they’re fresh, but how are they healthier?

We’ve already established that the foods that are on the grocery shelves are full of nasty things that none of us really want in our body, but get this: Thrive Life foods aren’t. Whether you’re popping open a can of Thrive Life chicken dices or a can of Thrive Life pineapple, the only ingredients you are getting is what you bought. In other words, if you buy Thrive Life chicken, you’re getting chicken. There are no fillers or junk added. It’s simply real food!

Then there’s the fact that the majority of Thrive Foods are non-gmo. There isn’t a whole lot of research on the effects of GMO seeds on humans, but what there is, isn’t good. Thrive Life foods are made without genetically modified seeds though so whether you’re concerned about them or not, you don’t have to worry about them.

You said Thrive Life Foods are shelf stable? What does this mean and for how long?

Because of the way that they are prepared and stored, they are made shelf stable. Most products are good for 25 years, but others are only good for 2. On top of that, they are shelf stable once they’re open too for around a year (with the exception of a handful of products). If you’re looking to buy in bulk, it doesn’t get much better than that!

How can Thrive Life Foods help me save money on groceries?

The last time that you went to the grocery store to buy chicken, how much did you pay? $1.49/lb for chicken breast? That’s what I paid the last time I bought fresh chicken breast and you know what? It wasn’t boneless skinless. Instead, it was split which means that I not only paid for the meat, but also the bones and the skin that I wouldn’t use for much other than stock. While I love making homemade stock, I also already have a pantry full of it that I canned up not too long ago. This means that I paid for those bones but won’t use them for any foreseeable time. When I buy Thrive Foods chopped chicken though, I’m getting only chicken meat. This means that I will use every bit of the chicken that I am paying for. In other words, it works out to be an incredibly cheap meal for our family:

In one #10 can of Thrive Life chopped chicken, I can make 13 casserole style dinners or soups. At current prices of $49.59, that is $3.81 per meal for the meat. This means that by the time I add in the remaining ingredients, I am still usually able to keep my dinner costs under $6.00 per meal. 90% of the time, I can’t do that with chicken from the grocery store!

Then there’s the fact that you have absolutely no waste. Did you know that studies have shown that the average American family throws away 25% of the groceries they buy at the store because of spoilage. Insane, right?! How many times have you thrown out fruit or veggies or even meat because it went bad before you could use it. I know I toss something at least once a week because it went south. Maybe it gets shoved to the back of the fridge, maybe you simply aren’t cooking anything it will go well with, but for whatever reason, it goes bad. With Thrive Life foods, that isn’t an issue. Your items are shelf stable for at least a year (with the exception of a handful of products) meaning that you have plenty of time to use them up before they go to waste.

Just how much can Thrive Life Foods save me at the store and how much has it saved you?

Believe it or not, I’ve never actually figured up the savings in our grocery budget, but I will over the next few months. However, this Youtube video with Tammy explains the savings quite clearly and all that I can say is WOW!

This one shows how much Heidi saved and another Wow!

How can I add Thrive Foods to my grocery budget without sacrificing at the store?

This is a great question and one that I love answering honestly because the answer is so simple! You budget your Thrive Life foods into your regular grocery budget! It really is that simple! When you set up your Thrive Life Q, you will also set a budget for your Q. It can be anything from $50.00 to $1,000 per month! Once your budget is set and your Q is ready, you simply reallocate that money in your regular grocery budget.

For instance: My grocery bill without coupons is around $300 per month. My Q budget is $100 each month. This means that I order $100.00 worth of Thrive Life foods each month and spend $200 at the regular stores. I’m not spending any extra money out of pocket for groceries and as we saw above, I’m actually saving money!

What is the Q?

This is where I start to get really excited because if you couldn’t tell by my response to the previous question, I adore the Q. The Q is a monthly shipping program that allows you to personalize and customize your Thrive Life orders to be shipped to your door every single month. There are fantastic benefits to the Q, especially the Q Club so it is totally worth taking a look at and creating your own Q. The Q can be as hands on or as hands off as you want it to be. For me, I like to save as much as possible so I adjust my Q every month, but you may prefer to set it up and forget it! They even have Smart Start options that are already created for you based on what the average family orders if you don’t want to mess with it at all!

How much does the Q cost?

Like I said above, your Q can be set as low as $50.00 per month and as high as you’d like it to be. Once you set it at $100 or more per month, you automatically get a free membership to the Q club.

What is Q Club?

The Q Club is an awesome rewards program just like your regular grocery store has. As a Q club member, you’ll be eligible for a monthly Q-pon and you’ll earn rewards points with each Q purchase. That means free food or rotation systems!

Wait…free food? You said I can earn free food? How?

Well, aside from the reward points that you’ll earn as a Q Club member, you can also host a Thrive Life tasting party or a Thrive Life class! The average party host earns at least $100 in free food! You can do an online party with me or if you’re local, we could do an in-person tasting event! Not local to me? No worries! I have a huge network of friends and am sure I can help you find someone local to help you out with your party! If you’re interested in hosting a party or just want a bit more info on everything, head on over and book your Thrive Life party by clicking on the Parties tab!

Am I able to start my own Thrive Life business?

Absolutely! I would love to have you join my team and am always looking for new folks to help build their own businesses so that they can live a wealthier and healthier life! Becoming a Thrive Life consultant has a ton of fantastic benefits, including a free membership to the Q Club! Like above, head on over , click on the parties tab then “Join my team” for more info!


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