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So many of you sell Scentsy, Thirty One Gifts or Avon that I wanted to share this with you. People are already shopping for Christmas and you could be missing out on sales! How would you like to make more money for FREE! Pay Anywhere is offering a FREE credit or debit card reader! It works with your cell phone and allows to accept credit cards ANYWHERE!! This means you can take credit cards for your orders and potentially make more money! It’s FREE to request and there’s NO monthly fee to use it! I personally use this one myself when we have garage sales! !The first year I used it? My sales doubled over the year before! This year? I made over $400 at my yard sales and almost half of that was because I had my card reader! LOVE it! This would even work for things like home daycare, snow shoveling, church bake sales, garage sales, school fundraisers and more! The possibilities are endless!



Get yours –> Request your FREE Credit and Debit Card Reader from Pay Anywhere! 


Click to get your FREE credit or Debit Card Reader

*you will have to give the last 4 of your social security number in order to request one. This is 100% safe to do (I did it myself to verify) and is only for the purpose of verifying your identity. Would you want to let someone who hadn’t been verified scan your credit or debit card?




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