FREE Contact Lenses!

Free Contact Lenses

FREE Contact Lenses


If you currently wear contacts or you are thinking about getting them, you’ll know how expensive they truly can be. Each month can run you hundreds in extra cost. There is a really awesome freebie that just came back for free box of contact lenses! You’ll get one FREE box! That’s a full 30 day supply totally FREE!  The offer DOES NOT include a vision exam so you’ll need to pay for that yourself (or hope your insurance does) but they’ll cover your contacts for FREE for 30 days! You can use these to get your own eye color, change eye color or go wild! I like to grab these free offers for when money is tight! I already have my prescription so I just order them and be done with it! So simple and a really big money saver! I don’t know about you but I’d rather have free contact lenses over paying $30+ per box any day!


To request yours: 

  • Click on the blue button that says “Get a Free Trial”
  • Fill out the form

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