FREE $10.00 Credit + FREE Grove Collaborative Candle = REALLY Cheap Natural Cleaning Supplies! $22.95 in Freebies!

Over the last year or so, we have really taken a huge turn in our home to get rid of a lot of the chemicals that we were using. This means that we scaled down the use of chemical cleaning supplies, are eating more real foods and switched from paper to cloth on just about anything that I could (except tp…I draw the line at reusable TP). Why? Well it certainly wasn’t to save money. Not really. Yes that was a small factor, but it was mainly because the longer we used those chemicals the worse my health got. Yes, we could actually see a direct connection to the items that we cut out and my declining health.



Love saving money? This deal is perfect for you! Free $10.00 Credit, FREE Soy Candle and HUGE savings!


Cleaning supplies, especially natural ones w/out chemicals are so expensive! We love method products here at our house, but they can easily break my budget if I let them. That’s why I love this site! I can grab method, Mrs. Meyers or any of my other fav brands for a great price and not have to worry about running out! I talked about it a tiny bit in my post 5 ways to save on cleaning supplies, but I didn’t go into big details. Now? They’ve got a KILLER deal for you and I’m so excited!

E-pantry is an awesome site that not only has great deals on natural cleaners and other common household items (paper towels, tp, health and beauty stuffs) AND an awesome autoship program to help you out too! Now hold out before you click out at the word autoship.

There is NO obligation to ship. If you want to skip a month or six, just go in and clean your que! I haven’t shipped in 2 months because we haven’t needed to buy anything! I just LOVE that I CAN set up a queue if I want! I personally LOVE the deals I get on method and Mrs. Meyers, but they do carry tons of other brands too and this deal makes it even better!! Shipping is insanely quick too.

SO what’s this great deal? Right now you can score a FREE $10.00 credit PLUS a FREE Grove Collaborative Soy Candle when you order! That’s $22.95 total FREE! You will need to spend $30.00 BEFORE the free candle, but once it’s all said and done? You’ll score each item for around $2.00 each! That’s a GREAT deal!!

Here’s how to get yours: 

  • Head over HERE and sign up or log in to epantry. You will get a FREE $10.00 credit!
  • Answer a few questions then set up your shipment. Make sure that it comes to $30.00 or more.
  • Don’t forget to add the Grove Collaborative Candle to your order!
  • Finish checking out and pay for your order! Your $10.00 credit will be used and your candle will be FREE!
  • Once you get your order, decide if you want to continue or skip a month if you need to.


This offer ends 5/31 though so be SURE you get yours before then!

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    Awesome Giveaway I am a sucker for candles <3 🙂

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