Easy DIY Halloween Slime!

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Looking for an easy and gross way for your kids to celebrate Halloween? Try this Easy DIY Halloween Slime!


 Easy DIY Halloween Slime

Take a walk down memory lane with me…


There you are 6 or 7 years old, walking through the store with someone and suddenly you see it. Call it whatever you will, but you may know it as Gak, Slime or even..Fart Puddy. You look up at your Mom…or Aunt..or babysitter; whoever you happen to be shopping with and flash those puppy dog eyes are you quietly say “please?” You’re a tad bit heartbroken when they tell you no…and you vow that when YOU have kids, they will be able to buy the slimey and gooey substance whenever they want.


Sound familiar? No? Ah well..made for a nice story though, right? LOL!


With Halloween just around the corner, a lot of us are looking for ways to gross our kids out and make our houses as spooky as can be. That’s where this super fun craft comes into play! This DIY Halloween Slime is perfect for letting the kids do by themselves and is great for creating gross displays for Halloweeen! Even better is that it’s great to keep the kids occupied and takes less than 10 minutes to make! Easy, fun and cheap? OH. YES. Momma approves.


You will need:

  • ¾ Cup Cold Water
  • 1 Cup Elmer’s Glue (This is roughly 2 regular sized bottles)
  • ½ Cup Hot Water
  • 1 tsp Borax
  • Food Coloring (regular, not gel…we used green and yellow together to create the color that we ended with)


First off…let’s not mind the paint and other goop on the table…we do a lot of DIY and crafts on it and its kinda sorta beat up. I’m working on restoring it and I’m positive that at some point you’ll see THAT on here as a post…lol. In a medium mixing bowl, add the 1 cup of glue to the 3/4 cup of cold water



Add in a few drops of food coloring to start to give it color. Mix it well then continue to add more drops, 2-3 at a time until you reach the color that you’re looking for. We added about 12-15 drops of green then switched and add 6-8 drops of yellow to get a neon green/”booger” color..lol. (As stated by my Emma…)



Keep stirring until the colors are mixed with the water and glue well and you can’t see anymore white from the glue.





Next, mix the hot water and Borax in a small mixing bowl. Stir until the Borax is dissolved.

Once the Borax is dissolved, slowly pour the hot water/Borax mixture into the glue mixture and give a few gentle stirs. You will notice the “slime” starting to form almost immediately as soon as the Borax water touches the glue water. Is supposed to do that. 🙂

This was taken right after we poured the Borax water in with very little mixing done. See how it already has started to form a solid on its own? That’s what you’re looking for. Once mixed, pour off the excess water and have fun!


To store your slime, place in an airtight container. This should keep for at least a week or longer if stored correctly. Lastly, thank you so much to my neighbors daughter “M” for letting me borrow her hands for a final pic…for 30 shots until I found one that I semi-liked.. 😀



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