Easy DIY Fall Broom Decorations

I love decorating for the different seasons and holidays, but of all of them? Fall is my favorite. Fall decorations are usually whimsical and fun without being overly cute and obnoxious. That isn’t the only reason I love them though. Fall decor is usually super cheap to make yourself! Take these easy fall broom decorations for instance. They’re so simple and easy to make and even just a couple can give your home a truly festive look since they can be hung inside or outside and can be customized either as a general seasonal item or given a Halloween theme.

Need a cute, easy and inexpensive fall craft? These Easy DIY Fall Broom Decor uses items you can find at most dollar stores and is perfect all season long!



Easy DIY Fall Broom Decorations

These also make awesome gifts for teachers at school and since they are so little they are perfect for decorating desks or the classroom door and since all of the supplies can be found at Dollar tree, you can afford to make one for several teachers or friends!  For just under $10 I was able to create 5 brooms in different designs to share with my neighbors! If you’re wanting a Halloween theme, you could use a witch, vampire or any other character that you can find a figurine with a removable head! If you’re shopping in store for your hand broom, they are usually found in the automotive department. I have included a link to one below though if you would rather purchase online.

You Will Need:


To get started, cut a 3-4″ piece of the ribbon that you chose. If you’re having trouble deciding on a color, go with orange, red or yellow to keep it with the color pattern of the season. For Halloween, orange and black work very well.

Next, wrap the ribbon around the top of the broom handle and glue it down. This gives your scarecrow something to attach to aside from the metal.

Now, hold a moment of silence for the scarecrow then separate the head from the body.

Grab the hot glue gun again and glue the scarecrow head to the top of the broom. You’re going to glue him right where the broom handle ends and the top over the bristles start.

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Let him dry completely then you can add more ribbon to the handle (I think a red and orange mix is pretty), add a few fake leaves, add ribbons or more. Really go crazy and add whatever strikes your fancy!

Once you’re finished, let your scarecrow friend dry completely then use the ring at the top of the broom handle to hang! If your broom doesn’t have a ring, you can attach a small piece of ribbon then loop it around the top of the handle to create a way to hang him.

Hang on your door, a window or wherever you want! He’s perfect for the entire fall season!




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