Earn Extra Cash Easily or an iPad with ZNZ! HUGE Potential To Earn! Proof in Post! I made and was paid over $300.00 in 6 days!

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I initally posted about this last year, but I wanted to do an update on it and bring it back for those of you that didn’t get see it or maybe forgot about it (since I honestly forgot about it myself…lol).I came across a program last year called ZNZ (or Zip Nada Zilch).  ZNZ (ZipNadaZiltch) is a great program that has been around since 2007.  It works sort of like a cross between a survey/gpt site except the possibility of making money is even greater. I’ve known people that have made this a full time income for themselves!

Here’s how it works:

You sign up for ZNZ and complete 1 offer. You must sign up with THIS link  and you MUST complete one offer to get “in” and get the link that you need. Personally, I did (and recommend that you do too) the Free Credit Score offer because it is free to do and easy to cancel so I wouldn’t be out any actual money if I didn’t get paid. It literally took me just a few minutes to cancel and I could see it in my Free Credit Scoree account before I even got off of the phone with them. YOU MUST DO THE ONE OFFER!! YOUR REFERRAL LINK WILL NOT BE ACTIVE UNTIL YOU DO AND YOU WON”T MAKE MONEY IF YOU DON”T! Also, be SURE you confirm your email address BEFORE you do the one offer! 

Once you’ve done your 1 offer, you then take your referral link and get others to sign up and do the same 1 offer. This is where you start to earn. You can choose to earn cash per referral (and Paypal is paid daily btw) or to save up for another great prize! Before you tell me that you can’t get referrals, think of this: Craigslist, Facebook groups, Yahoo groups, etc. All of those places are fantastic places to get referrals and since this is so easy to earn from? You’ll have no issues! If you do actually end up having issues, email me and I’ll see if I can help.  Take a look at this:

  • Cash – $20.00 PER referral that completes ONE offer like you did!
  • Check – 2 Referrals  that complete one offer
  • 16 GB iPad with wifi – 22 referrals that complete one offer
  • iPhone 5c – 24 referrals that complete one offer


Don’t believe that you can make REAL cash with it? This is from my own personal paypal account and it is the money that I made last year before I totally spaced on it. Do you see it? I made and WAS PAID $300.00 in just a 6 day time period (then continued to earn on it a bit more until my brain went pppbbbgbdffffttt on me).  It’s a very legit company and a VERY legit way to earn!



 Anyhow, this would be a great way to add some extra cash to your income quickly or win that prize! Who wouldn’t want extra cash?

Click HERE to sign up and get earning!


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