DIY Snowman Candle

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Christmas and winter for me is the season of the Snowman. Why? Because I adore them and in my mind, I can’t have enough to decorate my home with (although yes, I do put a damper on myself to keep myself from having a collection that is too big). This adorable craft I just had to make! It is too cute not to! This DIY snowman candle is so incredibly easy to make and looks fantastic sitting on a fireplace mantle, table or wherever you sit it!

I love snowmen and this very simple DIY Snowman candle is my new favorite Christmas craft! It's so easy to do and looks great! Makes a great DIY Christmas gift too!


In my opinion, the best thing about this Christmas craft is that it’s so easy that older kids can help too. My Emma is ten and after I showed her how, took off running and made a bunch by herself. They’re really only 2, maybe 3 steps, so they’re always quick to work up.

DIY Snowman Candle

If you can’t find a candle with a black lid, it’s easy enough to add the third step of painting it black to create your snowman’s hat. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one though. This candle was found at Walmart pretty easily.


You Will Need:



If your candle lid isn’t black, use some spray paint to paint it black. Cut a long strip of fabric about 1 ½ inches wide to make your snowman’s scarf. You can use any fabric print that you want. It’s your candle so dress it up in your style!


Wrap the fabric strip around the jar and tie a knot to hold it in place. Trim the ends to whatever length you prefer. Use a dab of hot glue behind the knot and on the scarf end pieces to hold them in place after you trim.



Using a hot glue gun, glue three or four buttons onto the front of your candle, below the scarf to create the snowman’s buttons. Let your candle dry fully and use for decor!

See how easy that was? I told you! Homemade Christmas Decorations don’t get much easier than that! Like I said before; these make amazing gifts and since they’re so easy to do, you can do several in just a few minutes!


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