DIY: How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet!

how to make a duct tape wallet



I’ve always been fascinated by these and have always wanted to learn how to make them! Thanks to, I can now!


Here’s how!


You will need:

Duct tape in the colors that you want your wallet made in


Step 1:

Cut a piece of duct tape that is (at minimum) 12 inches long and lay it, sticky side up on the surface you are working on. Then, cut a 2nd piece of the same length. This time, you’re going to lay it, sticky side down (lengthwise), covering 1/2 of the sticky area of the first piece. Now, flip it over, cut a third piece and lay it sticky side down, covering the rest of the sticky from the second piece. Flip it back over, and continue adding pieces of tape until the sheet measure 8 1/2 by 7 inches. Trim off any edges that you need to to get to that size.



Want to read the rest of the steps? Head over to and read the rest!

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