Homemade Halloween Blood {Homemade Theater Blood}

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I seriously love Halloween. There’s just something about fall and kids dressing up as their favorite things that makes me happy. Combine all of that with being scared witless (in a fun way) and I am in my element! What I don’t love though is how expensive Halloween costumes have gotten. I remember costumes being just a few dollars when I was a kid, but by the time I had given birth to my Emma, they were outrageous. I want my daughter to have an amazing Halloween, but I’m also cheap. That left me one option. DIY Halloween costumes. My kid isn’t like a lot of others. For her Halloween costumes, she prefers things like zombies and the like. That meant that I needed to find a way to make Halloween blood without going broke and without using a product that was full of nasty chemicals and could potentially hurt her. The result? This Halloween blood that is non-toxic, edible and totally looks like the real thing!

Making DIY Halloween Costumes this year? Check this out! This Halloween blood is homemade, takes less than 5 minutes and looks so real! Non-toxic and edible too!

I first came across this when I was doing zombie makeup for Emma’s homemade zombie costume a couple of years ago. She looked amazing (I didn’t expect it to look that good) and this Halloween blood was just the finishing touches that her costume needed. Plus, since the Halloween blood is non-toxic, we were able to “coat” her teeth so that she really had that true zombie look! It worked out amazing and she received so many compliments!

DIY Halloween Costumes – Homemade Halloween Blood

When you make this homemade Halloween blood, you’ll just be eyeballing the ingredients. I’m sure that someone somewhere has written the measurements down, but I found it to be quicker and easier to just eyeball things. If you are having trouble figuring out how much you need, take a step back and look at your product. If it is too runny, you need more corn syrup. If it’s too light, try more chocolate syrup. If it isn’t red enough, add more food coloring.


How to make Halloween blood for DIY Halloween costumes

You will need:


Start by adding around 1/2 cup of corn syrup to a bowl. Be careful not to spill it because it will stickify you and your entire home if you do.


Add in around 1/2 cup chocolate syrup and mix well until it is fully combined. Once you’ve got it combined, you won’t be able to see any of the clear from the corn syrup. Start adding in your red food coloring. I usually start with 5 drops then mix. I keep adding, a few at a time until I get the color that I want. Using chocolate syrup in your Halloween blood gives it that true red/brown color that blood actually has.

Making DIY Halloween Costumes this year? Check this out! This Halloween blood is homemade, takes less than 5 minutes and looks so real! Non-toxic and edible too!

If you’re doing a DIY Halloween costume and not only decorations, use your homemade Halloween blood to create the illusion that your zombie, serial killer or whatever is bloody. With the homemade zombie costume, I dipped an old washrag into the bowl and dabbed where we wanted her to have “blood pools.” Then, I re-dipped the rag and just kind of flung the Halloween blood on her shirt, arms, legs and pants. Yes. We did it outdoors to avoid a mess.

I do want to mention one last thing. This is very sticky. Try to avoid getting it into your hair if possible. If not and you do get it into hair, an all natural shampoo like my homemade coconut shampoo works insanely well at getting it all out in one shot. When we use it, it means immediate showers after we all get home.

Making DIY Halloween Costumes this year? Check this out! This Halloween blood is homemade, takes less than 5 minutes and looks so real! Non-toxic and edible too!

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