Climbing Mountains in 2015 – New Years Goals Not for the Faint of Heart

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Do you set goals for the new years? I do! In 2015, I'm planning on climbing a few mountains to take care of business!


Every year I like to take a look at how the previous year went. Most of the time? I’m happy with how the year has been and I set my goals to reflect that. This year? Nowhere near happy with how things went. So to fix that? My goals for the new year align with where our family needs to get on track. Here’s the thing. I don’t set New Year’s resolutions. I actually hate that word. I prefer to set goals. Why? Because it is 100% okay to not make those goals. That is exactly what goals are for…something to strive for. Don’t beat yourself up though if you don’t manage to make it though. I don’t.

Anyhow, in 2014, our budget, both in general and our grocery budget spun so far out of control that I don’t even recognize it anymore so for goal number 1? We’re getting back on track. Goal #1 is to get our budget back on track, spending under control and that grocery budget? Waaayyy down. I would love to see our grocery budget back under $100/mo by the end of the year and I think I can do that easily!

Goal #2? To re-build our savings account and emergency funds. Because our spending went all wonky, our savings accounts are exactly…bone dry. Same with our emergency fund. So goal #2 for our family in 2015 is to get those accounts funded again, as soon as possible. Ideally, I’d love to end the year with enough in savings to invest again so $15k or more, but we’ll see if that happens or not. We have a lot of financial goals this year so it may or may not.

For goal #3, we’re going to be working on paying off our debt again. All told we still have around $20,000 in debt left to pay off so we’re stepping up our efforts in the coming year. Ideally we would love to pay off my student loans and our car but at this point? I’ll settle for just one…even if its the smaller of the two!

Goal #4? That one is business related. My hopes for 2015 with this blog are to bring you more of our family, most recipes, more DIY, more help. I have so much planned for AIC in 2015 that it is CRAZY! We have several weekly series coming up to help you save and/or make things easier for you, lots of yummy food, totally kick butt DIY and more. You never know! We may even change our name this year! How crazy would that be? 🙂

Goal #5 takes us back to the personal goals again. Our family really wants to move back up north. Its not that we don’t LOVE Texas, we do! But my Mom is still up north and is not going to be around for too many more years. So our hope is that in 2015, we can move back up north to be with her in her last few years. It will take A LOT of cash (as in $3k just for the moving truck or movers) but I think we can do it!

For Emma, goal #6 is all hers. My baby wants to continue with her music lessons so our goal is to find her a good quality piano AND guitar teacher. We may even go into voice lessons too because Lord that kid can sing!


So there you have it…a few of our goals…what are yours?

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Stacy Barr

Stacy Barr is the face and brain behind the frugal living and lifestyle blog Six Dollar Family. A true gypsy soul, her newest blog, Unsettled Hearts, chronicles the journey of her family to become full-time travelers. By the age of 30, Stacy had overcome an alcohol addiction, a drug addiction, divorce, survived domestic violence and had built a life for herself and her daughter after spending 10 months in a homeless shelter. Stacy is passionate about homeless advocacy and addiction education.  Her first book, also called Six Dollar Family is available on Amazon.

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Stacy Barr
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