Clever Ways to Find Cash During Times of Need

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Most adults can think back to a time in their lives when they or a close family member had a legitimate and urgent need for a lump sum of cash and no easy way to raise it. If you’ve been in a similar situation yourself, you know how frustrating it can be. If you find yourself in desperate need of funds right now, you may be searching for answers to your dilemma.

Winning the lottery is nothing but a fantasy for most people, and illegal activities are obviously not an option. So what’s a person who is strapped for cash to do? There are lots of great ways to raise money in a hurry. If you have a bit of spare time and can be somewhat creative, chances are good that you’ll be able to solve your difficulties without too much trouble. In fact, you might have fun, meet new people, and gain a skill or two as well. Read on for clever ways to raise the money you require straight away.

Moonlight for Wages Plus Tips

Finding a second job may seem obvious, and perhaps you’ve already tried, but sometimes the easiest jobs to get are those that pay minimum wage plus tips. Available positions in almost any area might include bartending or cocktail waitressing, working as a barista or food server, or as a cook or caterer’s helper in a fancy venue. Most of these jobs require little to no previous training, and are easy to find. The best part of earning tips is the instant, steady supply of cash that you’ll have in your pocket at the end of each shift.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you have a relatively new, comfortable car and a clean record, consider becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft. Drivers in many towns and cities can earn up to $150 in an evening, and the hours are flexible based on your needs. You might meet a lot of interesting people, get to know your town better, and make some serious bucks.

Rent Out Part of Your Home

If you have an extra bedroom in your house or apartment, raise money by renting it to a nice person. Rates vary depending on the area where you live, but you might consider charging between $300 and $600 dollars per month, including utilities. Naturally, you’ll want to carefully screen potential roommates, but if the two of you get along it can be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Sell Your Stuff

During times of desperation, it can be tempting to sell everything you own and start over somewhere else. However, a more modest response might be in order. Take a careful inventory of the things you own, and decide which objects you can live without. If you have duplicate items, such as two black electric guitars, sell one of them. Or, if your apartment would be more comfortable with less furniture crammed into it, sell the couch and loveseat. You can make do with a couple of chairs or beanbags until you’re back on your feet.

Use Your Talents

Everybody is good at something, and your talent is unique because you are one of a kind. Whatever your special skill is, find a way to capitalize on it. Are you a musician? Consider giving lessons for an hourly rate. Can you paint? Portraits of children, pets, and even houses are easy to sell. Other marketable skills include cooking, building cabinets, fixing cars, training or caring for animals, and tutoring high school students. Many of these skills can fill your downtime in the evening or on the weekend, and bring in more cash than you ever thought possible.

Sell on Etsy

Not everyone has a knack for crafts, but if you do, consider selling them on a website such as Etsy. If your particular craft is in high demand, offer to fill custom orders in order to earn top dollar. Examples may include handmade jewelry, knitted goods, and nursery décor. You never know, what starts out as a way to make quick cash could grow into a new career for you.

Get a Loan

Not everyone has time to get a job, sell their stuff, or start a new business. Sometimes the need for cash is so overwhelmingly great that you have to have the money in your hand right now. If that’s the case, applying for a short-term loan might be your best option. A few examples of easy-to-get loans include payday loans, car title loans, and line of credit loans. Shopping around for the lowest fee is always a good idea. Don Gayhardt is the CEO of a company that owns two storefront loan centers, called Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash.

Raising money in a hurry can seem like a daunting task. Sometimes the stress of the need itself, such as a broken-down car or leaking roof can make you feel too overwhelmed to figure out how to solve your money problem. The best options for raising funds usually include working, being creative, or asking for a loan.

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