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Ya’ll? Can we step away from the money saving, recipes and family talk and just have a heart to heart for a minute? It’s been awhile since I really spoke from my heart to you and there is no better time than now. When I started Adventures in Coupons in 2011, I had no intentions of it really becoming anything. I had just started couponing again after taking a break for a few years, I was fresh out of the homeless shelter (less than a year), I was new to the single Mom thing and I really just wanted a place to share my couponing trips with my friends and family and to write tips for them so they could save in every aspect of their lives.


All of us experience change in our lives and mine is about to change in a BIG way!


I had zero experience running a business. In fact, aside from blogging, I’ve only done pizza (which is why I’m a pizza snob) and factory work. Growing up in the Ohio Valley it was normal for me to go into factory work and that’s what I did. I don’t have any “real” education to speak of so running my own company just wasn’t on my radar.

But then something happened that I never could have predicted. My little blog grew and then it kept growing. Soon there were hundreds of thousands of you coming to visit my own little corner of the internet each month and yes, soon I was in awe of that. At the height of our traffic we were receiving 400,000 unique people visiting here, reading the deals, saving money.

…and then, after 3 years of deals and coupons,  I quit.

No, I didn’t quit entirely, but I did burn out. I burned out on the constant “go, go go” pace that a coupon and deal blogger must keep, I burned out on the constant need to manage it. I burned out on coupons and deals themselves….and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t force myself to blog about them anymore. I still can’t. My heart sighs and I get an insanely large hole in the bottom of my stomach when I try to.

I’ll be honest. There were times when I considered selling the blog. There were times when I considered just letting it sit. But then I realized? I’ve never been a quitter.

So I stepped back and I re-evaluated and I decided something.

This blog is a part of me in a way that is larger than I can just toss to the side. You guys mean more to me than that, even if I’ve never seen your faces, may never speak a word to you and may not know your name. I realized that the entire reason I stayed with it once the ride became wild was that my desire to help my friends and family save really had moved to helping you save and have a better life as well. That I had stopped blogging for my friends and family a long time ago and that somewhere along the way, I had started blogging for myself and how much I enjoy it.

and then I realized that I needed to make some changes around here.

If you’re a long time reader, I’m sure that by now you’ve noticed that I don’t do deals very often anymore. I’m happier writing about topics that I like to talk about and ask anyone that knows me? I like to talk. I’m happier not blogging 30 deals a day and just giving you one or two pieces of personal finance advice each day instead. I feel like I’m doing you more good this way (whether I actually am or not, I’m not sure of…lol). I’m happier sharing my family, my struggles and my triumphs with you and helping you celebrate your own.

The whole point of this post is this – In the next week or two, you’re going to see some major changes happening around here, including a new design and a complete name change.

That’s right!

Adventures in Coupons will soon become Six Dollar Family!

I’m a tad bit heartbroken to see Adventures in Coupons go, but I’m also super excited to usher in a new era here for you guys. “She” is my 2nd baby (my Emma being my first of course), but it’s time for her to grow up. If you’ve read my book, Six Dollar Family: From Six Dollars to Six Figures, you know where the name Six Dollar Family comes from. If not, I’ll explain it after the change is made.

So what can you expect from Six Dollar Family once the change is made? A LOT! Of course, I’ll still be helping you save, but we’re also looking at bringing on a team of collaborators to help you in other ways too!  You can expect to see more tasty recipes (that won’t break your budget), awesome crafts, homeschooling tips, natural and healthy living,  tricks and advice, more on family and raising kids, and of course, frugal living and personal finance advice.

So I hope you’ll stick around while we’re working on the new changes. I’m positive you’re going to love the end result!

By the way? From the bottom of my heart, to each and every one of you…thank you for helping make Adventures in Coupons what it was. You will never know just how much it meant to me and my family.

Stacy Barr
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Stacy Barr

Stacy Barr is the face and brain behind the frugal living and lifestyle blog Six Dollar Family. A true gypsy soul, her newest blog, Unsettled Hearts, chronicles the journey of her family to become full-time travelers. By the age of 30, Stacy had overcome an alcohol addiction, a drug addiction, divorce, survived domestic violence and had built a life for herself and her daughter after spending 10 months in a homeless shelter. Stacy is passionate about homeless advocacy and addiction education.  Her first book, also called Six Dollar Family is available on Amazon.

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Stacy Barr
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