Climbing Mountains in 2015 – New Years Goals Not for the Faint of Heart

  Every year I like to take a look at how the previous year went. Most of the time? I'm happy with how the year has been and I set my goals to reflect that. This year? Nowhere near happy with how things went. So to fix that? My goals for the new year align with where our … [Read more...]

Finding My Roots and Getting Back To Me

    You ever have one of those moments where you realize that you've either lost a part of yourself or that you've just changed more than you ever wanted to? I'm sure we all have. I had one of those moments a few weeks ago and ever since then? I've been working on … [Read more...]

Ringing in the New Year with Market Street! #MarketStreetTX

  So last week I talked about how I am outsourcing this years Christmas dinner and letting Market Street cater it for us instead, but I wanted to mention too that if you're having a New Years party? Market Street has the items you need to have an awesome party with very … [Read more...]

Are You Really Frugal? The True Meaning of Living a Frugal Lifestyle

  The other day I was having a conversation with a close friend and she made some offhanded comment about thinking she was frugal and then realizing after talking to me that she really wasn't. So that got me thinking about what it really means to live a frugal lifestyle. … [Read more...]

10 Things Thrifty People Never Buy New

  We often talk about saving money, but a lot of the time it can really come down to how we're feeling that day. We head out to the store and we're just not feeling well so we just grab whatever happens to be on the shelf. Unfortunately, thoughtless shopping is a great … [Read more...]

Get Out of the Kitchen and On the Couch With The Family with Market Street! #MarketStreetTX

      How many of you will be cooking Christmas dinner this year? I'm not! I know that I should feel sorta bad for that, but let me be honest here; I don't. Not in one tiny, little bit. This year? Our Christmas dinner will be cooked and ready to go for me at … [Read more...]

10 Things Thrifty People Reuse To Save Money

The other day, I'm in the kitchen and I happened to be rinsing out a peanut butter jar. Que the 9 year old who already thinks that Mom has lost most of her mind (yes child, YOU are the reason for When she walked in, I swear, the look she gave me could not have been … [Read more...]

What a $5.00 Cell Phone Taught My 9 Year Old

    My Emma...gotta love her. Somedays I would love to duck tape her to the wall, but hey, I still love Anyhow, for the last year, she's been begging me for a phone. She doesn't really need one, she just wants one. All of her friends have them and of … [Read more...]

Why Paying Your Bills Late is Breaking Your Budget

    When is the last time you paid your bills late? Recently? For most people the answer to that question is recently. Did you realize that paying those bills late is busting your budget? How you ask? Late fees. Every single time you pay a bill late, you're costing … [Read more...]

10 Unique Ways to Earn Extra Cash!

  10 Unique Ways to Earn Extra Cash Need to earn some extra cash? Who doesn't, right? I think that right now we all could use some pick me up in our budgets. I know I could!  I do surveys and things, but I do get tired of doing them sometimes. When that happens, I look for … [Read more...]