15 Websites Frugal People Love to Visit

  15 Websites Frugal People Love to Visit   Let's face it...today's times? They're rough. We have families that are struggling to feed their kids, homelessness running rampant because folks can't pay their rent, people spending months or years looking for a job and … [Read more...]

8 Frugal Ways to Prepare for Baby

Children are some of the greatest blessings you will ever receive but more than one parent has watched the months and weeks pass by with one worry on their mind. Their budget. Babies are expensive! Seriously! Diapers, wipes, clothing, gear and more can drain a family's budget if … [Read more...]

The Lost Art of Bartering

The 2 photos above are of a recent barter I did. I scored 2 pair of jeans (basically brand new, worn only one time each) and a shirt that I purchased for myself today. Now you might be asking why I said I purchased them when this is a post about bartering. Touche’. You ask a … [Read more...]