Why You Should Focus on Building Wealth…Instead of Just Saving Money

Stop the presses! I know. I'm late on this post today. It happens. :D Why am I late? Because I was doing some work for a few other bloggers. That's okay. Like I said. It happens. Next time, I'll plan my schedule better. Aside from the fact that I'm late, maybe you're wondering … [Read more...]

How I’m Using Text Messages to Plan for Retirement

I love my phone. Seriously. I never have it away from me. I absolutely love that I can combine my music, my email, my friends and any games I happen to be playing at the moment in one small device that fits into my pocket. Even more so is the fact that I LOVE that I can use it to … [Read more...]

The #1 Reason You Will NEVER Be a Millionaire

"The #1 Reason You Will NEVER Be a Millionaire" Wow. I know. That's a pretty strong statement isn't it? Unfortunately, for most of us it's 100% true. Most of us will never be a millionaire and honestly? We can trace that back to one sentence. Once very strong, very damaging … [Read more...]

How to Save $16.66 Per Day (and Why You Should Want To!)

Yeah, I know. $16.66 per day. Totally random number, right? Actually, it's not. Did you know that if you saved just $16.66 per day that you could build an emergency fund with $1,000 in it in 60 days? No joke! $1,000 can seem like a HUGE number...at least it does to me and I'm … [Read more...]