Teaching Your Kids Want vs. Needs

    As parents, it is our jobs to teach our kids what they need to know in life and as much as some of us might hate it, a lot of those lessons are financial related. If you were to ask your kids what they want to know about money, one of the things you would … [Read more...]

5 Tips and Tricks To Teach Kids To Coupon

One of the hardest jobs that we as parents face is teaching our children about money. In today's society kids are after the hottest electronics and name brand clothing and most of the time, they don't stop to think about the cost or where the money to buy it is going to come … [Read more...]

When is My Teen Ready for a Checking Account?

As the mom of a tween, I am struck quite often by the fact that my baby girl is growing up. On her 9th birthday, I cried. Why? Because at 9 that meant I only had 9 years until she would likely leave me for college. On her 10th birthday I cried again. Why? Double digits ya'll. … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids the Importance of Saving

Have you ever noticed something? As our kids grow, so do the dollar amounts on the stuff they want. They start with small things like board books and before you know it? They're asking for iPods, tablets and more. Needless to say, a parent could easily go broke if they bought … [Read more...]

5 Things Your Kids Want to Know About Money (From the Mouth of a 10 Year Old)

As parents it can be hard sometimes to figure out exactly what to teach out kids. It's pretty easy when they're little but as they grow? It isn't quite as easy. My Emma and I have always had a good relationship and because of that, when I get stumped on what she wants to learn, I … [Read more...]