How to Calculate Net Worth {Plus a Peek at Mine}

Do you know what your net worth is? If you're like most, you don't. After all, the majority of people don't list personal finance as one of their hobbies. Learning how to calculate net worth might not be your favorite thing in the world to do, but it is incredibly important for … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Have Multiple Streams of Income to Build Wealth

How many "jobs" are in your home? One? Two? Three (at most)? Are those jobs your only source of income each month? What if I told you that by the end of 2016, my family will have 10 streams of income each month? Yes, you read that correctly. Ten. Now what if I told you that you … [Read more...]

How to Invest Your Money – 6 Simple Ways to Invest Your Money

We all know how important it is to actually have a budget (and stick to it) and we're all familiar with the concept of having an emergency fund set aside, but how many of us are actually worried about our future beyond having that budget and the emergency funds? Unfortunately the … [Read more...]

How to Earn Extra Money from Living a Natural Lifestyle

Could you use extra money? Let's face it. I think we all could. It can be hard to figure out a way to earn money from home when you are stressed and worrying about your budget. Your mind is usually elsewhere and you may not be thinking clearly because you're so stressed. If you … [Read more...]

The #1 Thing You Misunderstand about Becoming a Millionaire

Tom and I love to dream. We'll cuddle together on the bed and lay out our dreams for when money isn't a real issue and we're debt free. We dream of our own homestead, of leaving our daughter in a place where she'll never have to worry about anything and of helping our friends and … [Read more...]

Why You Should Focus on Building Wealth…Instead of Just Saving Money

Stop the presses! I know. I'm late on this post today. It happens. :D Why am I late? Because I was doing some work for a few other bloggers. That's okay. Like I said. It happens. Next time, I'll plan my schedule better. Aside from the fact that I'm late, maybe you're wondering … [Read more...]

How I’m Using Text Messages to Plan for Retirement

I love my phone. Seriously. I never have it away from me. I absolutely love that I can combine my music, my email, my friends and any games I happen to be playing at the moment in one small device that fits into my pocket. Even more so is the fact that I LOVE that I can use it to … [Read more...]