How “Keeping Up With the Joneses” Helped Kill Us Financially…

  We've all heard the term "Keeping up with the Joneses," but how many of us realize when we're actually doing it? We were and didn't realize it. Let me go back a bit. A couple of years ago, we made friends with several people who lived very comfortably. They weren't … [Read more...]

10 Unique Ways to Earn Extra Cash!

  10 Unique Ways to Earn Extra Cash Need to earn some extra cash? Who doesn't, right? I think that right now we all could use some pick me up in our budgets. I know I could!  I do surveys and things, but I do get tired of doing them sometimes. When that happens, I look for … [Read more...]

20 Tried & True Ways to Earn FREE Gift Cards!

  So many times I have people ask me how I pay so little for Christmas and birthdays each year and how I can save so much money on things like tp and dish tablets. Up until now I’ve been kind of secretive about it but guess what? I’m about to tell you! Ready? Free gift … [Read more...]

5 Painless Ways we’re Chopping Our Expenses

  5 Painless Ways we're Chopping Our Expenses   A few times a year, I like to take a second (or third) look at our finances. There is always room for saving money and frankly? I'm cheap and I don't like to pay more than I absolutely have to for our expenses. You might … [Read more...]