How to Make Homemade Fruit Rollups {Dehydrator Recipes}

My Emma is a snacker. She always has been, but over the years, I've gotten pretty particular about what snacks she gets. It seems like the older that she gets, the unhealthier the snacking options that are available are. That's why in 2015 when we started really going at figuring … [Read more...]

Homemade Blackberry GoGurt

Do your kids love GoGurt? Mine does, but I hate the fact that they are so stinking expensive. Around here they're priced around $2.75 per box, which considering what they are? Is just insane to me. Add to that and they are filled with very unhealthy chemicals and preservatives … [Read more...]

These 25 Macaroni and Cheese Recipes Are Perfect for Any Table!

Since I was a little girl, macaroni and cheese has been one of my favorite foods. To this day, there are very few dishes that can provide memories and comfort like a big bowl of cheesy goodness. I still love it so much that I often make Macaroni and Cheese Soup. I still reach for … [Read more...]

Grilled Pepperoni Pizza Sandwich recipe

While I love a good meal, sometimes? I really just want a quick and easy recipe that will feed the family without feeding them junk. We are a huge pizza family, but sometimes? A regular, plain old pizza just gets boring and I can't have that. Boring leads to wanting to eat out … [Read more...]

Celebrating the New Peanuts Movie with Woodstock Pizza Art #peanutsmovie #Albertsons

  Are you planning on seeing the new Peanuts Movie? We are and we're super excited! The Peanuts Movie premieres in theaters Nov. 6, 2015 and yes, I may have already ordered my Fandango gift cards in anticipation! We're all huge fans of The Peanuts and the movie will make … [Read more...]

20 Mouthwatering Cheeseburger Recipes

  If I've learned nothing in my almost 4 years of living in Texas, it's what a real burger should taste like. Tom and I like to joke that I came to Texas to visit him, but I stayed for the food. Do me a favor and don't let him know that he's actually kind of right. … [Read more...]

Reeses Pieces Monster Cookies

When you go to the movies, what is your favorite snack? Mine is and always has been a box of Reese's Pieces. The odd thing is that I really don't like them unless I'm at the movies. Well, that is until I found these cookies! They're awesome! I guess you could call them a fall … [Read more...]

Creepy Candy Eyeballs

Halloween is great and while it's one of my favorite holidays, I honestly don't see a need for a whole ton of gore. A little bit of creepy gore though is perfectly fine with me. Take these creepy eyeball cookies for example. They're creepy without being too creepy for little ones … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Ghost Twinkies

Ya'll, let me tell you. When Twinkies disappeared for a few months? My world came crashing down. I absolutely love them even though I know they're not exactly good for me. There's just something about them that I adore. This recipe though? Combine my beloved Twinkies with white … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Cheerio Snack Bars

With school back in session, a lot of Moms are looking for school lunch ideas or even after school snack ideas. My Emma might be homeschooled now, but quick and healthy snacks are still a huge part of our day. These peanut butter cheerio snack bars fit right in at our house! … [Read more...]