20 Delightful Dehydrator Recipes

Do you dehydrate foods? I do and LOVE it! It makes keeping certain foods fresh and shelf stable so easy! I seriously love using mine so much that I look for things to dehydrate! No joke, my dehydrator has a permanent spot on my kitchen counter. Some people have their mixer there. … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

I may live in Texas currently, but growing up in Ohio, I know what cold winters are like. Cold, icy and and if your home isn't ready? Your budget won't be either. Winter can kill your budget if you're not careful and I don't mean in a small way either. Back home I have seen … [Read more...]

Canning Basics 101

A couple of years ago, we started using Zaycon Foods to buy fresh, natural chicken. We LOVE their chicken but as a small family of three, 40lbs of chicken is much more than we can reasonably use before it would go bad. Needless to say, I didn't want to avoid it so I knew what I … [Read more...]

How to Cook Over an Open Fire

Yes, I know that for some people reading this, knowing how to cook over an open fire might sound crazy. Remember though,  it was done for centuries before modern day stoves were invented and thousands of campers do it each year.  While you may never need this particular skill, … [Read more...]

How to Preserve Eggs for Longterm Storage

  Last week or so, I happened upon a local woman selling fresh, organic eggs for a great price. $2.00/dozen and since I pay $1.79/dzn normally? I jumped on it and brought home a few dozen. Once I got home, I was thrilled! They're big, beautiful, brown eggs! These eggs are … [Read more...]

How To Dehydrate & Preserve Fresh Mushrooms

  So the other day when I did my January grocery trip, I managed to find a really decent deal on fresh button mushrooms. They were marked down to just .99¢ each which in my experience, is a fairly decent deal. Enough of a deal for me to grab them.     As you … [Read more...]