How I Use My Phone to Teach My Daughter…for Free!

As a homeschooling parent, costs can sometimes get out of hand if I let them. Between curriculum, supplements, supplies and more, it can really be expensive. To help keep those costs down, I have to find what I can for free or super cheap. Enter Amazon Underground. The … [Read more...]

Your Messy Kitchen and How It’s Costing You Money

We just completed a huge move and since then? My kitchen has been a crazy mess. Between packing and cleaning and everything else involved? It looks kind of like a war zone in there (okay, it's not quite that bad). On one hand, that's okay. We just moved, right? Things are … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Prepare for Summer Storms {Before they happen!}

Here in Texas, summer storms happen whether you are ready or not, especially these last couple of years and when there's a big one? It usually makes national news. We can get hit pretty hard with not only thunderstorms during the summer, but also flash flooding, tornadoes and … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Buying Used Camping Gear

Are you planning on doing any camping this year? We are since camping is one of my favorite frugal activities for families. We need to replace a couple pieces of our camping gear first. While I love buying new goodies, I also know the value of a good, used product. Camping gear … [Read more...]

How to Can Carrots for Longterm Storage

With gardening season in full swing, it won't be too long before we're all looking for canning recipes. If you've canned foods before, you've probably got a good idea of how to can carrots, but if not, you might be lost. I remember the first year that I canned my own foods and … [Read more...]

Sometimes Mom Really Does Know Best #MothersMay #ad

Do you remember when you were a kid and your Mom would give you little tidbits of advice that you would ignore? My Mom was like that. She was a wealth of tidbits from "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" to "someday you're going to wish you had saved that … [Read more...]

Camping with Kids – 10 Tips for an Awesome Family Camping Trip

I love the summer months for one big reason. Camping. Our family loves getting out in the woods and camping. No RV for us, we're rural campers meaning we use a tent with no power other than solar power and so on. There's just something about planning a hiking trip, planning a … [Read more...]

How do You Keep Your Kids Healthy? (Plus Enter to Win a $100 Walmart Gift Card!) #MottsMoments #Sweepstakes

Can I tell you a secret about our household? We love having our favorite drinks around, especially when it starts getting hotter here in Texas. It's always so nice to be able to reach into the fridge and pull out a cold drink. Something recent that we've been trying around here … [Read more...]

Sometimes They Need You To Care for Them

Happy Mother's Day! Have you called your Mom today? If not? Go on. I'll wait. Back? Good. Let's chat. From the moment we're conceived, we become the only thought our Moms have. From what they're eating and doing when they're pregnant and what type of diapers to use, what color … [Read more...]

Get Outside! 10 Frugal Activities You Can Do This Weekend That Won’t Break the Bank!

When the weather turns cooler, our family loves to get out of the house and find new ways to spend time with each other. Unfortunately, sometimes our budget doesn't always allow for that. Luckily, I've gotten quite good over the years of having fun on a budget and usually pretty … [Read more...]